Sunday, April 29, 2018

Celebrating Donald at Disneyland

Even though the rest of Disneyland is celebrating Pixar Fest, today we're coming to the resort and celebrating Donald Duck!
Our hats today are from: Disneyland Paris, Disneyland, Walt Disney World circa 1988 (my first visit), Walt Disney World, and Tokyo Disneyland.

By random luck, when we arrived at the resort, we were parked on the Donald level! Now that's good fortune.

Opposite from our normal routine, today we're starting our day in Disneyland. Ian has wanted to go on a few rides here, but by the time we get there later in the day, the lines are always too long. As a special treat, we rode the Monorail into Tomorrowland.

Thankfully we were at the park just after opening, and all the lines are short. Ian has wanted to ride "the spinning rocket ships" every time we walk by them. Today is the day!

I love the views of the park from here. Especially the castle.

Ian and Jacob flying high.

Whenever we mention our trip to Walt Disney World, Ian reminds us of "that car ride". Today we rode Disneyland's version of the Tomorrowland Speedway, Autopia.

I love having the photo pass photographers available to take some great family photos.

Big Thunder Mountain was the next ride for the boys. Then the 5 of us hurried over to The Haunted Mansion to just barely make our fastpasses.

Followed by the newly refurbished Splash Mountain for Ian and I. It was great seeing almost all the effects finally working again. Ian was even pointing out things that he thought were new (because they've either been broken, missing, or had burnt out lights before).

"Daddy, I don't need you to hold me this time..." I guess that means he's getting bigger.

This was our first good look at the new queue for it's a small world. It's definitely needed.

Our last ride of the day had us visiting Toon Town. I'm trying to get Alli more into roller coasters and Gadget's Go-Coaster is a great introductory ride.

I was really hoping we'd run into Donald Duck on the way out, but after checking the Disneyland app, Donald was not making any appearances today. Bummer. Well we still had fun today!

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