Sunday, July 27, 2014

Enjoying the World Series of Beach Volleyball in Long Beach

Boy do I love beach volleyball. Shortly after moving to California 10 years ago, Theresa and I took a beginners beach volleyball class. After that I was addicted and I've been playing as much as possible.
The great part about living where we do is that we get some great opportunities to see professional beach volleyball players show us what they can do.

The World Series of Beach Volleyball WSOBV came nearby to Long Beach July 22-27. Theresa, Ian, my niece Aubrey who is visiting and I all went out to watch them on Saturday July 26. Even better? General Admission is completely free! We get to see these former Olympic Gold medal athletes and don't have to pay a dime!

Well, except for parking. Luckily it was close by, there were plenty of spots and it was a reasonable $10.

Ian wearing his very appropriate shirt.
Future Volleyball All-Star
Just like my Daddy

Ian hopping in the Ergo for the short walk to the stadium.

They've blocked off a bit of the beach for the tournament. Almost all the side courts are already finished so everybody is hanging out at the main stadium.

After a quick bag check to make sure we weren't bringing in outside food, we were in. You've got to love all the free stuff you get from the sponsors.

Happy to be here watching some awesome volleyball.

A quick check of the merchandise tent.

Then looking to see if we need any extra volleyballs.

What an amazing setting.

We joined my co-worker Alysa and her sister in the stands.

The first match we caught was three time gold medalist Kerri Walsh with her partner silver medalist April Ross.

These girls are incredible to watch. So quick on the sand, such great control, and such amazing placement with their shots.

Kerri Walsh is ripped.

It was a good game and Kerri and April won.

Future volleyball star in training. She's on her school team back home and hopefully picking up some pointers.

In between matches the music is blasting and could sometimes be too loud. Theresa took Ian outside the stadium.
I've found sand! (shortly before trying to taste sand)

Next up was gold medalist Todd Rogers and his partner Theo Brunner.

Going up for a joust.

During the first timeout, they needed volunteers for a contest down on the court.

The two Campos sisters were happy to oblige.

Using their magic twin powers, they smoked the competition.

Back to the game. A little husband/wife action going on (no communication).

I'm so envious of the tall guys. Look how high over the 8 foot net they can get. And that's jumping in sand! Even though Rogers and Brunner ended up losing this match, they took third place overall in the tournament and split $40,000.

Time for the semi-final women's match. The stands are packed.

Nice to see some USA superfans coming out.

And the full body suit guy was turning lots of heads.

April Ross showing some good form for passing a volleyball.

April Ross going all out to dig a ball.

And success! She was able to keep it in play.

April and Kerri won the match and would go on to win the next day, taking first place and splitting $70,000 for their efforts.

Awesome weather and an awesome day.

A quick walk back to the car where we let Ian play in the grass for a little while before driving back home.

The World Series of Volleyball isn't the only game in town either. Depending on when you read this, there are still a few more tournaments put on by the AVP in 2014, the soonest being the Manhattan Beach Open on August 14-17.

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