Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Visiting T's Grandma in Missouri - Day 4 and 5

I've got a backlog of trip reports and I'm finally getting back to this one from July. When we last left off, we were in Mississippi visiting my Grandma and other family. Today we're driving up to Missouri to see T's Grandma. 

Theresa, Ian and I slept in a little bit then packed up and left the hotel. We swung by Uncle Gary and Aunt Donna's house to see my mom before we hit the road.

Someone is tuckered out. Seems like the moving car just puts him to sleep.

We drove through Tennessee.

Then Arkansas.

And finally made it to Missouri.

Check three more states off Ian's list.

Does it count if he slept through most of them? Yeah, I'll accept it.

T's grandma lives out in a small town on a farm without a lot of room to spare, so instead of heading straight there, after a day on the road, we went to a Holiday Inn in Cape Girardeau. They were super welcoming and nice there, making sure our room had a crib in it before we even got there and walking us and our bags up to our room without us even asking.
They reminded us that there were warm cookies available later that night and when I went down to grab some with Ian, the lady setting them out held out her hands for Ian and he was happy to go to her. When she saw the couple cookies I got, she told me to grab a plate so I could get more for later.

The next morning, they offered a complimentary breakfast. Pancakes in a minute? This I must try.

Sure enough, a minute later two fluffy and super fresh pancakes slid out the side.

After a short car ride, we made it to Grandma's house. I don't think I mentioned that nearly the entire family was there waiting for us. As soon as we arrived, we were bombarded. We know who the real star of today is though.

Ian! Mr Popular.

Hi Grandma!

And he was really happy to see Rich and Chi.

Feeding him takes an army. One to hold, one to feed, and one to distract.

The whole family loaded into various cars and all headed to lunch.

We're all going to Colton's Steak House & Grill

It wasn't too busy for lunch and we got a long table to seat all of us.

I don't know why, but I'm on a ribs kick right now. Can't get enough of them. These were St. Louis style and smoked. They were quite a bit drier and tougher than I have been getting lately. I wasn't too impressed. The sweet potato fries intrigued me though. See that white dipping sauce? Any guesses? How about marshmallow dipping sauce to go with these sweet potato fries, turning sweet into super sweet.

Playing on one of the saddles used for decoration. Such a good smiler!

That's better. He loves his Aunt Amy.

We took the obligatory tour of the garden, hearing about what was doing well and how the rain was. The tomatoes were doing well and we picked them right off the vine, still warm from the day's sunshine. Very tasty!

I know some kids hate touching grass, but Ian seems to love it.

Just hanging out with Great Grandma.

He's so grabby.

The other thing we like doing here is playing baseball in the yard.

Even Ian got into the action.

Time for some group photos before we go. The great grand kids with their great grandma.

We work so hard to get Ian to smile and look at the camera.

Richard with his siblings and their mom.

And finally four generations in one photo.

Again he's trying to grab hair.

We had a good time visiting, but it's time to go. We'll continue the story from here in the next post.

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