Thursday, July 17, 2014

Celebrating Amy's birthday, Birthday Oreos, and flying back home - Day 6

After visiting T's grandma a little earlier today, we're driving towards the St. Louis airport. We leave tomorrow, but tonight we're staying with T's sister's in-laws.
Amy happens to be celebrating a special birthday (we won't say which one) and we're going to go out to dinner to celebrate. 

Ian loves books.

We leave Missouri and head into Illinois.

That's one more state to check off Ian's list. We're starting to get some color on this map!

For dinner we all went to the Lotawata Creek Southern Grill.

The menu had some interesting options. I chose to skip "The Big Heart Attack Burger" and instead went with the "Fried Mac Daddy Burger". According to their menu,
Fried Mac Daddy Burger
This burger is incredibly awesome! We take a 10 oz. burger top it with American cheese. Then we place a Fried macaroni and Cheese Patty on top and add lettuce, tomato and sliced red onion. The flavor is incredible. Served with french fries.

I was impressed when I saw it. This burger is huge. I had a really hard time getting a full bite of it. Once I started, it was such a mess, it was difficult to put down, and the gooey cheese inside the fried mac & cheese patty on top started dripping out the back.
Unfortunately that incredible flavor that was promised was lacking. I was actually disappointed in the mac & cheese patty that it was so lacking in flavor. It was just a mass of flavorless cheese on top of this burger. I won't be ordering this again.

Someone is very loved.

After dinner, we made it to Karen and Don's house. Karen getting some Ian time, and yes, he's still loving that pool noodle from the first day in Mississippi.

One more celebration for Amy's big day. Rita picked up some cupcakes from a specialty shop.

She provided those cupcakes. I provided the Birthday Cake Oreos.

They come in two varieties. There's chocolate.

But when I think of birthday cake, I think of vanilla cake.

The inside creme tastes more like cake frosting and has sprinkles in it. I thought they were really tasty!

We've got to leave pretty early tomorrow morning, so we say all our goodbyes the night before. Ian loves you Aunt Amy.

The next day, we leave early and all drive to the airport. T, Ian and I are in the rental car we got back in New Orleans. We went to the Avis rental car return and started unloading our luggage, but when they saw we had a small child with us, they told us not to bother and that they'd just drive us to the airport departure themselves. What great service!
We're not going back alone either! Traveling with us are Rita, Aubrey and Ethan, plus the grandparents of course.

Ready for his second plane flight.

He doesn't have his own seat on this one since it's a completely full flight. Instead, he gets passed around between the two rows of seats we're occupying. Now that he's standing up he's becoming more of a handful. He's no longer content to just sit around for hours.

Playing with Grandpa.

It's nice to travel, but it's good to be home.

Showing off his toys to his cousins.

And because I'm finishing this trip report late, you can read all about our fun time together and our trip to the Belmont Shore Stroll and Savor here.

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