Sunday, July 13, 2014

Visiting my Mamaw in Mississippi - Day 3

It's our last full day in Mississippi. Today we're driving out to see my Mamaw and Ian's Great Mamaw.

After a quick stop to pick up my mother, the three of us drove to see my Mamaw. The roads here were nothing like the roads back home. Along the way there was a snake sunning himself in the middle of the road that slithered away as we approached. I also had to swerve around a turtle that was determined to cross the road. You never see that in Los Angeles.

Long rides in the car make Ian sleepy. He was out by the time we arrived and would be for a little while longer. Mom and I talked with Mamaw. You might recognize her from my post a couple days ago about Krystal hamburgers. Yep, that's her. Ninety three years young. 

After 10 minutes of us visiting, Mamaw asked how come Ian was sleeping so much. She suggested we pinch him to wake him up. Luckily for Ian, he started stirring not long after.

Instead of hanging out in her room, we all walked to the activities room to get a little more space. Ian was very popular with all the residents along the way. I let Mom and Mamaw continue to the room while we spent a little time with whoever we saw. Everyone loves a baby. "He smiled at me. Did you see him smile at me?", wanting to touch his hands and just making noises at him. 

Once we got to the activities room, we spread a blanket out of the floor along with some of Ian's toys.

Playing with his squeaky toy with Mamaw.

Ian kept craning his neck to the other side of the room and eventually we figured out he was looking at this Uncle Sam blow-up. They're celebrating Christmas on the fourth of July here.

Back over to Mamaw. She got him smiling by tickling his feet.

And then she held him for a little while.

Ian's new favorite thing to do though is to stand up on his own. He preferred standing on the bench beside her to being held.

Giving Mamaw kisses (or at least grabbing her face).

We had to get a family picture. I set the timer on the camera and hustled back to everyone. Looks like Mamaw has discovered that Ian likes to pull hair. Ouch!

Let's try that one more time. There, that's better. Four generations in one photo.

After a little while, the four of us returned to her room. Along with way we were met by more residents. Word had spread and some were coming out of their rooms just to see the baby.

Back in her room, Ian sat on Mamaw's walker while she played with his toys some more.

I'm not used to beds with buttons!

Playing peek-a-boo with Gram.

After a few hours visiting, it was time to go.

I was great to visit with Mamaw.

Afterwards the three of us all went back to Uncle Gary and Aunt Donna's. Aunt Donna has a way with kids.

Reading some books together.

Sharon and the rest of her family came over to spend the afternoon.

Attempting to feed Ian some applesauce. He was not having it though. Maybe he's tired.

Winding down with Aunt Donna before going down for his nap.

We brought a few goodies for Sharon's kids. They're big into Disney so we brought each of them a Duffy plus some other treats from Disneyland.

Including some Mickey and Minnie puppets from Tokyo Disneyland. Putting on a puppet show for Ian.

He loved it!

For dinner, Uncle Gary made us all some delicious rib-eye steaks.

Let's take a few family pictures before everyone has to leave for the night.

Thanks for having us out and letting us hang out at your house Uncle Gary and Aunt Donna!

Tomorrow we're on the road again and headed to Missouri! Until then!

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