Sunday, May 6, 2018

Pixar Fest - Celebrating Nemo and Dory

Pixar Fest is in full swing and the kids are certainly getting into it. Last week when we visited, they wanted caramel apples from Marceline's Confectionary. I promised we'd get one our next visit. This morning Ian reminded me that we were getting caramel apples today from the parks. Good memory buddy.

Seeing as how they were wanting the Nemo and Dory caramel apples, I thought it appropriate they have matching hats.

So many people made comments on how adorable they were. They both really loved their apples.

I love how there's a viewing window so you can see them being made. The cast members saw Ian and Alli and were really excited and smiling at them.

And when we posed for a picture, we noticed they grabbed a couple of apples and posed in the window right behind us.

Time to eat them!

Sugary, caramely, and marshmallowy. Plus a little bit of apple. Yum!

Alli - "Dory would you like some caramel apple?"
Alli in a high squeaky voice - "Yes please!"

They were tasty! I'm looking forward to trying even more of the special foods this summer.

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