Friday, May 25, 2018

Michigan - Ethan's Birthday

Time for our next adventure. It's Memorial Day weekend and we've got a few things planned. First up, we're flying to Michigan to celebrate Ethan's 16th birthday! The kids are all ready to go.

Ian saw us making tags for our bags and wanted to make one too. He wrote "IAN" and sure enough, once we got to Michigan, we found his bag with his tag on it.

Goodbye sunny California.

A brief hello to the St Louis airport.

And then a late arrival into Michigan. Just enough time to give hugs to everyone and then get ready for bed. Every night we read books together, and when we're on vacation, we read the free kids books from Amazon Prime on the iPad.

The kids certainly love their cousins. Aubrey and Alli spent some time together making cupcakes.

Aubrey lets Alli do as much as she's able.

She's so proud of herself.

Our main reason here is to celebrate Ethan's birthday. He had a big party with lots of family visiting. Lunch was tasty food from the grill.

The kids all enjoyed the warm weather and had a giant water balloon fight.

Uh-oh. Someone is sneaking up behind you Ian.

Good timing on that photograph.

And he's soaked.

Having the cake outside, we had to get creative for the candles.

With everyone there, Theresa thought we should do a fun food taste test. There are 3 new M&M flavors out that we thought it would be fun to try. She suggested we get a few more to go along with them. We ended up getting 17 different M&M flavors! I wrote it all up here.

Who doesn't love making s'mores. Alli didn't want anything to do with that fire. Ian wanted to help out as much as I'd let him.


After 4 days in Michigan, it was time to head on to the next phase of our adventure. Off to the airport!

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