Thursday, May 31, 2018

Florida - Epcot - Day 1 Part 2

After a fun morning in Epcot, our afternoon started with a visit to Mickey and his friends.

As soon as Alli peeked around the corner and saw Mickey she started taking off running to him. Hold up Alli. Wait for them to finish up.

Okay, now you can go. Big hugs for the mouse.

And hi to Goofy.

And finally Minnie.

I've been pretty impressed by the crowds here today. The lines have been pretty short.

We walked right on to Finding Nemo.

Having to stop and give all the animals hugs before we leave.

At Journey into Imagination with Figment, there was a short line as well. A cast member asked Ian if he was having a good day and asked what his favorite thing was so far. "The sodas at Club Cool!" answer Ian. The cast member got a kick out of that, and said in his 2.5 years there, that's the first time a kid has answered that.

Time to visit Arendelle.

Pick me up Pop Pop. Me too Pop Pop.

We did not luck out with the fellow riders in our boat. Some other kid was having a meltdown and screamed the ENTIRE ride. My kids were wondering why he was crying.

Hi Elsa.

Giving the plushes hugs after this ride too.

Even Marshmallow needs some love.

Next we'd take a Grand Fiesta Tour with the Three Caballeros. When we arrived at the front of the line, Ian was leading us. He told the cast member "Party of 6", and she though he was so cute that she gave him the front row.

"Are we going to get wet on this ride?"

Everyone made it back.

When we were leaving Le Cellier earlier today I saw they had Maple Popcorn at this cart. I was way too stuffed to eat any then, but after walking around for a few hours, I'm good again. And what's this? You can get a souvenir bucket filled with caramel popcorn and get cheap refills? I'm in!

Well if there's a maple flavor, it's subtle. I'm tasting sweet, but not maple. Unfortunate, because I love maple.

During this trip, I was really hoping to visit all four parks, but didn't have any plans at Hollywood Studios. With no other plans in Epcot for now, everyone took the 1.5 mile walk through the Boardwalk over to Hollywood Studios.

Oh yeah, it's rainy. Alli caught a quick nap on the way over.

Inside Hollywood Studios the crowds were just as light as in Epcot. This really seems like a good time to visit WDW.

Killing some time before the Frozen sing-along starts. Alli had a great time chasing bubbles in front of the Chinese Theater.

Seriously. For more than 2 minutes. Just chasing bubbles. Oh to be a 2 year old. Thank you to the other little girl who was creating all those bubbles for that whole time.

Time for the Frozen sing-along. Alli wasn't feeling it and wouldn't sing along with any of the songs. And then she hated all the bubbles at the end. Bummer. I thought she'd love this one.

Getting a family photo in front of the Chinese Theater.

There was a beautiful sunset on the walk back to Epcot.

There was just enough time to stop by Club Cool before heading to our last ride.

Our last ride is the one that Ian's been asking to go on ever since we pulled into the parking lot. Can we ride on the giant ball?

At the end of the night, there was no line and we could walk right up. Greetings from the future.

And the future for us tomorrow holds the Magic Kingdom! See you there!

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