Thursday, May 31, 2018

Florida - Magic Kingdom - Day 2 Part 1

It's day 2 at Walt Disney World and today we're all headed to the Magic Kingdom. Let's go!
We've all agreed that we're not going to change over to this time zone, so instead of trying to be up early for rope drop, everyone slept in. 
T got a kick out of the positioning of this plate in the kitchen and our breakfast cereal.

Alli is loving her Frozen themed room. She enjoyed "ice skating" around the rooms.

It's been rainy here and this morning was no exception. Shortly before leaving, the skies opened up and we had a downpour. So, who's ready to go to the Magic Kingdom?

It was just before noon when we boarded the parking lot tram to head to the Ticket and Transportation Center. 

Lines for the monorail are much better at this time than early in the morning I'm sure.

Alli - I see the castle!

After a stop at the Main Street Starbucks, some of us headed over to the Enchanted Tiki Room, while others of us didn't see which direction we went after the Hub. The result was 1 round of the Tiki Room for everyone there at the beginning.

Followed by a second trip to the Tiki Room immediately following. Because who doesn't love the Tiki Room.

I strategically put all our fastpasses later in the day since I knew we wouldn't be there early enough to use them. Because our fastpasses were tied up still, we hopped into standby queue for Pirates. Having to endure a {shudder} 45 minute wait.

The kids kept in good spirits by both exploring the sections of the queue we came upon, and eating the endless snacks T packed for them.

Getting a look at the Magic Kingdom's new version of Pirate Redd. Our Disneyland back home will be getting something similar in 3 weeks.

After Pirates, the rain was pouring. Lucky for us, Pirates exits into a gift shop. My little pirates explored all the toys and found some great looking hats.

Alli found a treasure chest full of telescopes. I'm not so sure they'll work like that Alli.

Once the rain had abated, we emerged from the gift shop and headed to our first fastpass.

Look who is here! All the way in Florida, it's Jacob!

We never ride Peter Pan at Disneyland because the lines are always ridiculous. Having a fastpass here at WDW, it's something we go on at least once a visit.

Alli loves those horses right now. Climbing on the rails to get a better look at them.

Of all the horses to pick, Alli's is pink and purple, and Ian's matches his green shirt.

And wouldn't you know it, it's raining when we're done.

Next up, everyone walked over to Autopia even though I only had a few fastpasses for it. The others opted to sit this one out, while me and dad took the kids for a spin.

Or more like they took us for a spin.

Yeah... I wonder why everyone else declined... Ian's ride was a little, uh, bumpy.

While we're in the area, the Peoplemover is a favorite, especially since we don't have anything like it back home.

We learned that you can indeed fit 7 people into 1 cart.

Alli enjoyed going through mini-Space Mountain. She'll be tall enough to go on the one back home soon!

On the way out of Tomorrowland, we ran into these Super Hero Super Fans. Incredibles 2 doesn't come out for another 4 weeks, so I didn't have much context for these guys. From left to right, they are Screech, Reflux, Brick, and Krushauer.

Yesterday for dining was the tasty Le Celier at Epcot. For an early (4:20pm) dinner today, it's a new one for me, The Plaza on Main Street. In reviewing the menus of the different restaurants ahead of time, there were two things that caught my attention.

The first was the All-You-Can-Drink milkshakes. I made sure to order one as soon as we were seated.

Alli was happy with my choice of strawberry (because it's pink).

The second thing was a brisket topped burger, and a brisket mac and cheese. T and I split them so we could have a taste of each.

My second shake was mint chocolate chip. My milkshake buddy was very happy when she found all those chocolate chips that had settled to the bottom of the glass.

When I asked for my 3rd milkshake, the server offered to put it in a to-go cup for me. Perfect! For my third, I had the flavor of the month, which turned out to be banana split, complete with all the toppings you'd expect and walnuts. Delicious!

The day is half over but there's plenty more to go.

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