Saturday, August 10, 2019

Happy National S'mores Day! - August 10th

Time to celebration another day! August 10th is officially S'mores Day!

Some of these holidays we've been celebrating are a bit random, but S'mores day seems to be a bit more celebrated everywhere. Walmart had a huge display as soon as you entered with plenty of s'mores ingredients. Elsewhere I saw s'mores frappuccino's being celebrated at Starbucks and s'mores cookies at various bakeries. 

Normally I'd take a photo like this of all the ingredients. Get everything set up just right and then take a picture. But, this time I didn't do it.

I didn't have to, because Alli did it all for me! She rearranged the different things, took pictures, rearranged them again, took more pictures, and did that a few more times. She loves taking pictures. I think she takes after her daddy.

Let's make them!

After washing their hands, Alli was in charge of the chocolate. Breaking each of the bars into fourths. Three Hersheys pieces each.

After wanting to eat marshmallows since yesterday, Ian was put in charge of the marshmallows. Counting out 10.

Alli places the chocolate.

Ian tops it with a marshmallow.

Ten s'mores ready for the oven! And with the leftover ingredients the kids get to eat what they want.

Today we have the giant s'mores sized marshmallows, so instead of putting two round marshmallows on the tops, there's just one and it sits flat. With a bigger marshmallow, 5 minutes at 400 degrees was enough to get everything gooey.

And it's fun to share things with friends.

Oh so gooey.


Did you celebrate S'mores day? 

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  1. Those are some s'mores!...soft and gooey and chocolaty. Have never seen those s'more size marshmallows...they are huge! My first and only time making s'mores was at a slumber party many, many moons ago in grade school (I didn't even know that treat had its own special name at that time!) Another fun activity for the kids to actively participate in...Alli gets to practice eye-hand coordination and Ian gets to practice his counting! Nice shot of Alli showing her "Vanna White" arm pose towards the display she wants you to focus on :-) That was a yummy National Day to celebrate! EOM