Sunday, August 4, 2019

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day - August 4th

Today is August 4th and it's National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!
My favorite dessert is not cake, pie, ice cream or candy. No, it's the simple chocolate chip cookie. Delicious!
So on today of all days, we're certainly going to be celebrating that happy accident that Ruth Wakefield had back in the 1930s. You might already know the story, but Ruth owned the Toll House Inn and decided to make a batch of chocolate cookies for her guests. She used broken up pieces of semi-sweet chocolate, thinking it would all melt together and make chocolate cookies. But the chocolate stayed together in "chips" and now we're all better off for it!
Thank you Ruth!

Today we're at Disneyland and I think we should sample the best chocolate chip cookies each park has to offer. 

Does Disneyland have a signature chocolate chip cookie? I know you can get it in an ice cream sandwich, or even as a topping on a Gibson Girl Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae, but I'm just going for a stand-alone cookie.
Over at Pooh Corner, the on-site bakery has lots of tasty treats. Giant Chocolate Chip cookies is one of those offerings, so we picked one up there.

Mmm. I was expecting it to be crunchier, but it was nice and soft.

Jacob has the perfect shirt to celebrate today.

So Disneyland has an okay cookie. The best Chocolate Chip Cookie on property though has to belong to DCA. Ever since the changing of California Screamin to the Incredicoaster, this Jack Jack Num-Num cookie stand has been selling some deliciously amazing cookies. The cookies here are thick and before they are served, they go through one of those ovens like the churros do to warm them up. The result is a warm, gooey, buttery, chocolatey mess of a cookie, and it's delicious!

That chocolate gets everywhere on little mouths.

But we can't end Chocolate Chip Cookie Day without making a batch of my favorite cookies. My sister-in-law has a fantastic recipe, and even more amazing is that it freezes great. When she comes to visit, she makes me a few dozen of the frozen dough balls and I can make them as often as I want them. And because of that, they come out of the oven fresh and warm. Mmm.

The winner today in the cookie challenge has to be homemade!

Did you participate in National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day? 

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  1. You must have a calendar listing every "National ... Day" (lol)...Never heard of National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (on top of the other "National" Days!). Interesting read (link) on Ruth Wakefield. Homemade chocolate chip cookies (especially when warm and soft) are simply the BEST!! favorite cookie...those homemade chocolate chip cookies on the plate look soooooooooooo good...especially with all those chocolate chips in each cookie (best way to make them!) EOM