Tuesday, August 6, 2019

National Root Beer Float Day - August 6th

It's time for yet another National Food Celebration Day.
August 6th happens to be National Root Beer Float Day!
Also known as a Black Cow, I remember having Black Cows when I was little with my parents. And now I get to have them with my kids!

And they're not so little anymore are they? I gave each of them a job. Ian you're the ice cream scooper.

Alli, this could get dangerous, but your job is to pour the root beer.


Delicious! I love root beer floats. And so do the kids!

Though after finishing half of it, Alli wanted pickles instead.

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  1. Pickles!!!??? :-) :-) :-) Couldn't help myself when I read that last line (lol) What a fun dessert activity where Ian and Alli are the creators...root beer floats! Didn't think Alli's little hands would be able to grip the big soda bottle...but she did it! That was a yummy time for everyone. P.S. Interesting read on the history of the Black Cow Mountain. Also, that's the 1st time I heard "Black Cow" associated w/ a root beer float! EOM