Saturday, August 31, 2019

International Bacon Day - August 31st

It's not just National Bacon Day, today, the first Saturday before Labor Day, is International Bacon Day.
Bacon is delicious and we make it at home quite often. Today though we're on vacation and our hotel offers breakfast. That means that instead of just a couple of pieces of bacon we'd have at home, we can eat as much bacon as we want!

And this isn't the paper-thin strips of bacon you might expect from a hotel. These are the thick pieces of bacon that you're always hoping for.

The kids like it crispy, while I like it chewy. Mmm. Bacon is tasty.

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  1. Oh my...that's a lot of bacon to be holding and devouring (lol)! Growing up, I remember eating mine "soft and chewy" enjoy that fat (crispy style "burned away too much fat"!!!)...those were the days :-) EOM