Saturday, August 3, 2019

The Lion King - the movie 2019

As you'll soon see, it's going to be a Lion King weekend.
Theresa was busy with work, so I grabbed the kids and we headed to the theater. Our hats were getting lots of attention.

Throughout the weekend, you might find out little-known facts about lions. For instance, did you know that a lion's second favorite drink besides the water hole are Icees?

The movie itself... Eh. I get that Disney is out to make money, but all these live-action/re-releases of classic movies aren't my favorite. The Lion King was just fine the way it was. Having photo-realistic lions is very impressive, but if anything it was distracting more than it added anything. Photo-realistic lions can't show emotion like animated ones can. When the actor playing Simba is crying through Mufasa's death, and the lion cub on screen is just staring with no noticeable facial expression changes, it takes me out of the movie.
I feel like the guy who does the "Pitch Meeting" videos on YouTube does a good job of expressing the things I didn't like about it. They're pretty humorous too, if you're so inclined to watch more.

When the Lion King 1 1/2 has the critics liking it more than The Lion King 2019, that might be saying something. Most of the time I'll go with the audience's score, but in this case, I liked The Lion King 1 1/2 better than The Lion King 2019.

But, the kids loved the movie and that's what really matters. They were singing the songs all the way home. We sang it during songs that night. They sang it after we left the room.

When we got home, I asked them to draw some pictures for me. Alli drew one of all three of us together and holding hands.

Ian has a few drawings that he talked me through.

So that's the start of our weekend. It's going to be a fun one!

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  1. Beautiful Lion King hats...and so soft and "plushy", too! Almost had me going on "2nd favorite lion drink" until the sentence finished with "ICEE"...(lol) At least Ian and Alli enjoyed the live-action...messing with the original when it's already great is not a good idea (true for anything)...btw, "Pitch Meeting" was funny to watch...but had to really focus because of the rapid talking and back-and-forth :-) So sweet seeing Alli's drawing of having the three of you holding hands...Ian is learning to do show & tell (way to go!...also, liked hearing "you're welcome"...good manners being displayed!) Great family time just singing the songs; and good idea to have the kids actively draw them a chance to try to express what they may be thinking (it's a good way to practice "written" words; and in Ian's case, he got to practice both the "written" and the "spoken" words) Fun Saturday family time! EOM