Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas with Family

Because everyone who is visiting us is headed to Disneyland on Christmas day, we had Christmas together on the 24th.

We figured the newest member of the family should be the first to open presents. I have a feeling he's going to be getting a lot of clothes this Christmas.

Another one for Ian?

From the Depaulis' he got a very cute football hat and even cuter onesie with a bow tie and suspenders printed on. Nice!

It's not just me taking photos this Christmas. Aubrey has really been enjoying her camera. She got a laptop and Lightroom for Christmas and I walked her through blogging. You can see all her pictures from Christmas on her blog here:

The kids got T and I a Chick-Fil-A gift card with their own money.

And they hid it cleverly. They taped it to the top inside of the box.

Tyler got an external battery pack. Very useful for those hunting trips where the cell phone dies after half a day.

And Ethan enjoyed his new Converse shoes.

For the past few years, the parents have only had one set of car keys. We got a key cut earlier this year, but they were still without a fob. It took a little doing, but T was able to get a duplicate fob for their 11 year old car and I got it programmed.

Some new pans for Chi.

Aubrey loved her new boots. No chance she'll need those out here though. It's been hitting 80 degrees outside this week.

Rita also got a pair of boots.

And Ethan got a book of baseball stats.

And Chi and Richard are going to love their insulated grocery bag for bringing things back from the Korean store.

Someone woke up. It's been a little while since I got a present…

From Donald, Amy, Abby and Austin, Ian got a bunch of cool clothes. He got a Mickey outfit, beach outfit, and a couple Broncos onesies.

They must have been looking at the announcement card we sent out for gift ideas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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