Monday, December 2, 2013

Ian's Room

How to decorate Ian's room? We love Disney and we love making Disney paintings. Sounds good to me!

After the jump, check out the 360 degree view.
Click "F" to see it in full screen.


  1. Thank you for sharing! I so wanted to ask but didn't want to "invade" his privacy. LOL! What are you doing for bedding or will it be neutral since you have embraced all of Disney's great characters and not just one?
    And most importantly congrats. He is adorable but I am guessing you already know that! :-)

    1. We haven't decided on bedding yet. I think we have a little more time to decide because we've been told that he's supposed to sleep without anything else in the crib for a little while. Once we do though, if it's Disney I'm sure it'll make it on the blog eventually.
      And yes, he's super adorable and we love him so much!

  2. Love the Disney paintings.