Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas with Gram and Pop Pop

Gram and Pop Pop are out visiting from Virginia. They're taking off before Dec 25th, but we're celebrating Christmas with them early. But first, family pictures!

T and I need to get a good photo for our Christmas card. Hmm, not quite this one. Ian is distracted.

A little better.

This will do! Ian is looking at the camera and even sticking his tongue out.

And a little behind the scenes shot. Who needs to wear dress pants when you're just taking a photo from the waist up?

And a great photo of all of us together.

Ian loves his Gram and Pop Pop.

Time for presents!

Oh no. I think we've got a thumb sucker in development.

Knowing I've been a fan lately of Indian food, Mom and Dad got me some curry sauces to cook with. I can't wait to taste them!

Theresa is always happy to get her usual gift of Clinque lotions.

How about Ian? Gram and Pop Pop got him some Mickey Mouse clothes. Love it!

And Mickey Mouse shoes.

There was one last extra special present. The very first quilt Mom has ever made.

Dad picked out the Mickey fabric on the other side. There's a special panel with his name and birthday plus it shows it's from his Gram and Pop Pop.

For Christmas, Gram got a nice apron plus a clothes drying rack she'd been wanting.

Pop Pop got money towards a trail camera for the backyard. They get deer, foxes, and even a bear at one time in their backyard. I can't wait to see the some of the pictures he finds!

They like their presents, but I think this is their favorite little bundle.

Of course Ian was held so much while they were here.

Yep, definitely the favorite thing they saw when they came out here. Pop Pop would spend hours just sitting beside his pack and play watching him sleep, keeping him from fussing, and keeping him calm.

Thanks for coming to visit us Pop Pop and Gram! It was great to see you!

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