Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Our Christmas Lights

Ever since we bought our house, I get to go crazy with Christmas lights! Every year Theresa says we can buy a few more, so this year, we've expanded into the yard!

Overall it probably took 8 hours to fix all the lights that were broken and to put them all up.

The palm trees are the toughest to do since my ladder only goes so high. Big thanks to Richard this year for helping hand me strands of lights while I'm up in the tops of the trees.

Total I'm guessing about 5000 LED bulbs this year. And because they're LEDs they use very little power. For this entire display, I'm drawing about the same amount of power as three 60W light bulbs.

Our Mickey bell door hanger. 

Merry Christmas!!!


  1. It probably helps that you could spend 8 hours outside - in shorts, I'm guessing? :P I only got a few lights up this year, because it's been so cold/windy/snowing on the weekends lately!