Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Flowers Family Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!
This stocking is as big as me!

What's inside of this?

Nothing exciting apparently. I'm going to go to sleep.

New stockings this year. My very first year as "Dad".

And Santa filled it with some of my favorite treats. One being the Harry & David chocolate covered cherries.

A stocking for Mom.

Also filled with lots of tasty treats.

Ian's first present on Christmas day is...

A Baby's First Christmas ornament.

And he even woke up to see it.

A great addition to our tree.

Now that we're awake, let's open some more presents. Thank you Mike, Lindsey and Macy for my walk-around toy!

And thank you Jon, Jess, Eli, Josh, Isaac, and Emma for my beach tent. I'm definitely going to enjoy that.

Time for a quick bottle break.  He certainly has some interesting positions for being comfortable.

More presents from Mommy and Daddy. Some Christmas books that I'm sure he'll really enjoy next year.

Now that he's fed, he's ready for more presents! This one is from Santa.

Santa apparently wants him to do lots of reading with Mommy and Daddy next year.

Another present from Uncle Jon and Aunt Jess?

Ooh! A personalized bookshelf for his favorite books and some Mickey Mouse gear.

More books from us to Ian.

Presents from Uncle Patrick and Aunt Megan. A handmade crocheted blanket and a Muppets book. Thank you!

What's this? A present from Ian to Mommy? How can Ian even give a present?

A tiny little handprint. I think she loves it buddy. Nice job.

Thank you Ian.

Theresa's big present this year. New car speakers. No longer are we listening to music from just the front passenger side speaker.

Later that night, Grammy and Grandpa came over for dinner. Ian happened to have a special present for them too. Looks like they're excited.

And in turn, they gave him a very special present. A gold baby ring.

Just a couple more presents left. When my parents were visiting a couple weeks ago, they left some presents for Richard and Chi. Knowing Richard is a huge coffee lover, he got a couple bags of Starbucks coffee.

For Chi, some honey from this years batch from my Dad's apiary. He doesn't update it often, but you can read more about his beekeeping here.

Afterwards we all had a delicious dinner of cheese fondue, steak, and sides. Mmm. It was a good Christmas day.


  1. Awesome Christmas Dad, Mom, and first Baby's first. Mak'in memories...