Saturday, December 14, 2013

Flowers Family Christmas Tree Decorating

Merry Christmas! Finally we've got a little bit of time to do some decorating!

The tree came out of storage and the ornaments came out of the attic. I turned on the Glee Christmas soundtrack and we got to decorating!

I love these Disney ornaments! Subtle Disney touches are my favorite!

Prepping all the ornaments.

Theresa was in charge of all the ribbon and hanging the ornaments, while I did the prep work.

Two of my favorites.

I just wish they weren't so expensive! Really Disney? $22.95 for 8 of these?

Even little Ian got into the holiday spirit.

So we did a little decorating on him too.

Mini Duffy seems to be popping up all over the place.

And this time he's wearing a mini Mickey hat.

Ian hanging his very first ornament! Okay, maybe he's getting a little help.

Mommy helping him hang it.

And finally we top it all off with a star.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We love you little Ian.

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