Monday, December 24, 2018

A Colorado Christmas Pt 1

Merry Christmas! This year we headed to Colorado to hang out with my family!
The kids didn't forget about the pilots and stewardesses on our flight, handing out nice chocolate bars with bows on them. They were very appreciative.

After getting picked up from the airport, the kids were excited to be in Colorado.  The really liked the snow. They were so excited to get out there, they "improvised" cold weather gear before we got unpacked.

Even though we're in Colorado, there's only a tiny patch of snow on the ground. 

The kids had a great time having a snowball fight with it though. 

But if you know anything about the weather in Colorado, you know that if you wait 5 minutes, it will be different. A brief snowstorm dumped just enough to have a fun snowball fight.
My nephews invited me to come join them outside, but to give them 2 minutes before I came out. Hmm, I detect something fishy going on. Instead of going out the front door, I snuck out the back door. Sneaking around the front, I saw they were indeed planning an ambush and had a pile full of snowballs waiting for me. I made a pile of my own and we had a fun snowball fight. 

Back inside and staying warm with Pop Pop in the play tent. 

Korean food anyone? 

I've said it before. Grandma's Spiced Tea is the flavor of Christmas. Theresa made sure to keep a constant supply ready for anyone who wanted to enjoy it. 

And enjoy it we did. 

Bedtimes were always fun. There was quite a crowd for the nightly Christmas books we read. 

On Christmas Eve, everyone got into the Christmas spirit by going to movies and watching The Grinch!

Six kiddos in one picture, all focused on the previews. 

The kids were talking all day about opening 1 present on Christmas Eve. My parents' house looks beautiful. 

And the kids liked my mom's Christmas village. It looks like the village at Bronner's

There's even a Chick-fil-A. 

Someone is excited to open presents. 

First though we have some traditions. We read the Christmas story from Luke. 

Each of the kids got a figure to put into the nativity scene when that part of the story came up. Alli was excited to be holding onto baby Jesus. 

After I read The Polar Express, it was time for "The First Gift of Christmas!"
Normally the Christmas Eve present is something practical they can use that night, like jammies or slippers. This year my mom has been hard at making something special for all her grandkids. 

Quilts she made just for them! Alli got Minnie Mouse with lots and lots of pink. 

Ian's was Mickey Mouse colors on one side, and Incredibles on the other. 

Fairies for Emma. 

Cats for Isaac. 

Turtles for Josh. 

And dragons for Eli. 

Thanks Gram (and Pop Pop for his help). The kids were all excited to have their new blankets and everyone slept with theirs while they waited for Santa to come.


  1. Sharing the Christmas spirit with harried pilots and flight attendants is a great (and fun) way to teach the young ones (and older ones) the value of each person. The lit villages look really nice & quaint. Wow...those quilts are WONDERFUL!!! Grandma (and Grandpa) did a lovely job. That's what I call a labor of love!! What did the Minnie patch (on Alli's) and that Mickey patch (on Ian's) say? I couldn't make it out on my PC. I think some close ups on the quilts (especially Alli's & Ian's) are in order to do the masterpieces any justice (hint, hint). I like that special tradition of reading the Christmas story from Luke. It's a special reminder of what Christmas is really about. Looking forward to Part 2. Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year everyone!!

    1. We definitely want to make sure to think of all the people who have to work during the holidays.
      You're right, those quilts are pretty great. That was a lot of work to get all those done. Look for another post regarding the quilt hallmarks.