Tuesday, December 18, 2018

"Grand" Gingerbread House at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel - All 25 Hidden Mickeys

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!
Just a few months ago for Halloween, this lobby was dominated by a giant pumpkin made out of cake! They had 13 Hidden Mickeys then.
Now it's time for the annual Gingerbread house in the Grand Californian Lobby and this year they're stepping up with the Hidden Mickeys. There's 25 to find! Whew! Better get started!

Here's the stats.
It's 7.5 feet tall and 12 feet wide. 600 pounds of gingerbread, 600 pounds of powdered sugar, 28 gallons of egg whites, 4 gallons of lemon juice, 250 pounds of fondant, and 1 pound of glitter.

While we were busy finding Mickeys, the kids are busy decorating their own Mickey Mouse gingerbreads.

And eating them!

Let's get started! There's 25 to find. We'll start at the front and go from there.

Apologies from the start for the quality of the photos. I hadn't planned this out and just made due with the camera gear I had. Had I planned better, I would have brought a zoom lens to focus on the details. As it was, I had my wide-angle walking around lens and had to make do with zooming in afterwards.

1. Mickey holly berries. This will be on every side of the gingerbread house.

2. A peppermint Mickey

3. Mickey holly berries

4. Mickey holly berries above the fireplace

5. Mickey polkadots in the green stocking

6. Mickey head on the red stocking

7. Hidden Mickey? Eh, I'm not so sure. But here's a Mickey gingerbread man.

Moving over to the left side.

8. More Mickey holly berries

9. Mickey snow decoration

Looking again on the left side

10. Mickey under one of the tower supports

11. A Mickey ornament on the tree

12. A Mickey outline in the peppermint fence. Nice find Theresa.

Moving back to the front, but not immediately obvious from a straight-on view.

13. Tiny Mickey head in the icing decoration.

Over to the right side let's see what we find.

14. Mickey snow under the eaves.

15. Mickey at the center of a snowflake.

The right side of the gingerbread house features.

16. A Mickey flower

Moving up top on the same side

17. More Mickey holly berries

Moving around to the back

18. Mickey at the center of a snowflake.

?. Mickey underneath the icicles. I really wasn't sure if the gingerbread Mickey in the front counted as a "hidden" Mickey or not. I think this gloop of frosting looks symmetric enough and out of place enough that it might count as a replacement.

Time for the back of the gingerbread house.

19. Mickey holly on the left.

20. Mickey holly on the right.

21. Mickey in a snowflake.

22. Mickey inside the Grand Californian logo

23. A pile of snow shaped like Mickey.

So that's all we could find on the ground. Knowing that the giant pump"cake" had Mickeys hidden on the roof, I had a feeling we'd need to go to the 2nd floor and look down to find more. And once we arrived, we weren't disappointed.
Alli said "One is snow, and one is not snow." Very observant.

24. First a look at the one made of a pile of snow.

25. And lastly a clearing in the snow shaped like Mickey

There's 25 hidden Mickeys and we've found them all! Great work Flowers' team!


  1. Good eyes everyone. That was a pretty sneaky hidden Mickey outline on the peppermint fence. Alli is getting pretty good at hidden Mickeys to see that snow Mickey on the roof. Also, that earlier "pile of snow" almost looks only like a blob unless you view it at the right angle! What a fun, family treasure hunt activity.

    1. There were so many this year, I wasn't certain we found everything until I went through my photos and made sure we weren't double counting anything.
      I'm happy they do unique things like this.