Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sleepy Hollow Christmas Lights and Santa comes to visit

In what has become an annual Christmas tradition, this season we had to find time to go see the lights at Sleepy Hollow in Torrance CA. Just like last year, my brother was able to make it down for it, along with Jacob and Ryan.
And just like last year, dinner was at an all-you-can-eat Mongolian BBQ place. The sunset was especially beautiful as we crested the last big hill before looking towards the Pacific Ocean. #nofilter

There's so many houses decorated here, it's great! Of course I am partial to the houses with Disney incorporated.

I wonder if they bring these stuffed animals in every night, or what they do in case of rain.

This house does something new every year, which I think is awesome. This year's theme is Fortnite!

Looks like Santa is arriving on a glider.

And I don't play Fortnite, but my nephews do. I know this llama is always a welcome item to find in the game.

The kids are always excited to visit Santa.

Ian told Santa "See you tomorrow when you drive down our street!"

Not too far away, the Grinch was greeting guests and taking photos. Ian was happy to go see him. Alli was content to stay back and watch this time.

You can't forget about all the treats that are offered. And it had a unique delivery method for treats from the house. That zeppelin comes from an open window inside the house, with goodies in its basket. Like fresh hot churros.

The kids each wanted a Christmas cookie for $1.

Mmm. It's green.

I don't think this is Star Wars canon.

One more stand where lots of stuff was just $1. Like $1 hot dogs.

Though I do miss the stands that have homemade treats. The prepackaged Rice Krispy treats just aren't as good.

And Alli asked for brownies. This Christmas sack turned out to contain prepackaged brownies too.

Houses like this are inspiring for things to do to my house.

Of course Alli wanted to cross the street to see the gang from Frozen.
We arrived at 6pm when everything opens. By 7:30pm, it's crazy packed around here. Cars are crawling through the streets. Sidewalks (where they exist) are a slow shuffle. Time to go home.

Ian mentioned that we'd be seeing Santa the next day before. That's because every year, the Redondo Beach Police Department along with Santa, visit every street in the city. The kids hurriedly ate their dinner and were listening extra hard for the police sirens that announce Santa's coming.
Riding along with Santa are a few helpers. I loved hearing "That's a lot of lights!" when they drove by my house.

Hi Santa!

Merry Christmas! Big thanks to the RB Police Department and all the volunteers for donating their time every year.

Someone is excited for her peppermint tootsie pop.

Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. Have to admit I'm also partial to any display (or anything for that matter) that has Disney in it somewhere :-) That Star Wars lawn was pretty "wild"....have never seen those "light ups" before. Seeing all those pretty lights is quite a beautiful sight. Thanks for the Christmas house light tour. Btw, that was a slick/creative idea for delivering "hot, fresh baked goods" from the house. People can sure get creative.