Monday, December 10, 2018

Celebrating Sophie's birthday at Disneyland

What's cuter than 2 Prep and Landing Christmas elves?
How about 4 Prep and Landing Christmas elves?
So it's not the cutest picture, but they were getting big smiles and comments all day.

I think it was all the way back in March that one of my Micechat friends Kelly mentioned she was going to be celebrating her daughter's birthday at Disneyland. And that we were invited. Sounds fun!
We'd had high hopes of arriving at park opening, but the combination of a closed on-ramp and the forced detour, and a backed up parking garage, we were good to make it into the park by 8:40am.

Happy Birthday Sophie!
It's been over 2 years since we've seen you. Wow they were little.
Here's a present plus Ian always likes to make homemade cards.

And he'll always ask for tape, so he can put a coin from his own money on it.

Today we're celebrating with a breakfast with Minnie at the Plaza Inn. The kids got their picture first. The girls just met Ariel, so they were in Ariel's pink dress. They'll change costumes a bit later.

A big group celebration picture.

Our table right in the center of the sunroom. We're in the middle of the action.

Food-wise, I wasn't particularly impressed. It was your standard continental breakfast with the addition of an omelet station. Goofy's Kitchen still has my vote for the best All You Can Eat Character Dining if food is your goal.
For characters though, the Plaza Inn has the most I've ever seen. I think we had 11 characters in the rotation today.

Both Eeyore and Pooh stopped by.

And Rafiki.
I mentioned this was the sunroom right? I noticed that any time I was pointing my camera this direction it was super bright and the scene was a bit washed out.

Hi Tigger!

I don't see Fairy Godmother our very often.

Ian! That's a Villain! Don't give him hugs!
Ian - I like Heroes and Villains.

Chip and Dale both came around to visit.

The best way I'm found to get my kids to eat is the pretend like they're stealing my food. Boy do they gobble it up then, just to keep it away from me, giggling the entire time.

A visit from Mr Penguin from Mary Poppins.
Quite an eclectic mix of characters here at the Plaza Inn.
So for $34 per adult and $19 per kid, I wasn't impressed by the food, but I loved all the characters. Sitting there for an hour and a half, we saw many characters twice.

As a special treat, Kelly and Sean ordered a cake!

The kids were entranced.

It looks fantastic. And it's all edible.

Singing to Sophie.

Happy Birthday Sophie!

Someone did not like the idea of going on Splash Mountain.

It tasted great too. A vanilla cake with thick layers of chocolate mousse.
We weren't able to eat the entire thing, but I was surprised to learn that they would hold the cake for us for the day, up until they closed at 11pm.

Bye Eeyore! Thanks for breakfast.

Nice doll Sean.
Okay, it's really the present we got Sophie.

Our first ride of the day. Might as well get the wet ones out of the way first.

Penny just barely hit that 40" mark so today is her very first time on Splash!

Alli got just a little soaked on that first drop.

Great first picture Penny!

Penny loved it and I'm pretty sure she wanted to go again.

Afterwards the kids stood in the sunshine to dry off.

There's the four Prep and Landing elves. All working their way down the fence at Winnie the Pooh.

The big kids all sat in the very front row all by themselves.

Even though 4 would have fit, 3 is apparently the limit for the front row.

Let's head to the next ride!

Time for a grand circle tour around the Disneyland Resort. I can't tell you the number of smiles this troop of elves generated. So many people thought they were so adorable.

Selfie on the train.

Even the conductor thought they were just too cute. He asked for my camera so he could take a photo of them for me.

After our trip around the resort on the railroad, it was time to go on the World Famous Jungle Cruise. Our skipper said this was her first time taking a band of elves into the jungle.

I love the Jungle Cruise. We had a great skipper who had lots of corny jokes.

Someone does not hesitate when the skipper yells GET DOWN!

Follow Sophie! She knows the way!

To Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room. Just missed the show.

So for 15 minutes, we wait. The kids wanted to play tag, but it's a little bit too small of a space for that.

T offered them seaweed snacks.

Penny wasn't a fan at first, but it grew on her.

There's something everyone loves. Dole Whip! Sean came back with 1 Dole Whip and 5 spoons. The kids swarmed on him.

For the rest of the time, they played Simon Says.

Tiki Time!

They've all grown a lot since our last visit to the Tiki Room.
Ian still likes to sing loud.

Everyone wanted to sit beside each other, so the obvious solution is to overload the stroller and put 4 elves into one.

Whenever they walk around as a group, they turn heads.

You can fit 4 people in a Doom Buggy if you really try.

Our fastpasses for Roger Rabbit were up, but once we arrived the line for just the fastpass was out the door and stretching to the firehouse. We decided to skip it and go on the carousel instead. As luck would have it, we were near the front of the line to board. Only a couple boys in front of us. As soon as the gate opened, they went to the horses right in front of the gate. Kelly hightailed it to the left, Theresa rushed to the right, and the kids went everywhere!

The kids eventually met up with their parents and Alli finally got that pink and purple horse she's been wanting to ride for the last few weeks.

And Kelly was successful in getting Jingles for her two. Yay!

It's been a fun day hanging out but this family has to head home and get ready for the week. Have fun guys!


  1. Fun birthday trip! Meeting the characters is what the kids really want, with the food as just an afterthought usually :-) (while we bigger kids want some good food, too!) What a beautiful, colorful birthday cake..never saw one like that. Those homemade cards are the BEST (I still have one my 9-yr old sister made for my birthday decades ago!) Guess Ian won't have enemies when he grows up since he loves both heroes and villains :-) Thanks for the fun TR!

  2. Ian certainly loves making cards. And he always asks for tape so he can tape a coin from his own money to it. He's a thoughtful one.