Saturday, June 24, 2023

2023 Pasadena Chalk Festival Time Lapse

I love to get videos of the "work in progress" to show how a mural comes together. 

The first is the Splash Mountain mural by Ruston and I. I'm using a cheap YiLite camera that I picked up on Amazon. I love the camera, but they haven't updated their app in years. I have had to keep an old cracked iPhone 6 still running a very old version of the IOS around in order to connect to it. This phone must never be updated! 

Seeing as how there's now 2 teams participating, of course I had to have a second camera running to pick up Theresa, Ian, and Alli as they drew the National Park Service emblem. Despite being plugged into a battery pack, the GoPro decided to quit after an hour, so most of this video is from the wide angle shot of the YiLite camera. 

And since it's a wide angle shot, I also happened to get a time lapse of my chalk neighbor KDaze Karla Navarro. Not the best video, but still fun to watch. 

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  1. Being able to capture the journey via time lapse is wonderful. I couldn't help it but a smile just broke out on my face when listening to is such a fun, uplifting other song would do for the beautiful Splash Mountain mural!! What a perfect song selection for the lovely NP Service mural by Theresa, Ian, & Alli..."What a Wonderful World" and Ray Charles' voice invoked a peaceful feeling and quiet beauty that's offered by the natural beauty of the many National Parks. Thanks for sharing the time lapse of your families' two murals plus the bonus one by your chalk neighbor! EOM