Sunday, June 11, 2023

Driving to Mississippi to see family! - 2022/10/22

It's time to hit the road and continue our trek back to Florida. On the way though, we're hitting a few highlights, including getting to visit some family in Mississippi! 

Time to leave Arkansas!

Our travels took us through Louisiana, where we stopped for a homecoming parade driving through main street. Where are we? Theresa looked it up. Lake Providence Louisiana, known as being the poorest town in America.  

And here we are for the next few days. Timberlake Campground, a part of the Ross Barnett Reservoir. Somewhere along here is where my parents got engaged!

A nice pull-through site!

After driving for the day, it's good to get out and stretch our legs. 


One thing we totally forgot to do earlier was add our Oklahoma sticker! We stayed in Oklahoma at the Cherokee Casino! 

Here's who we came to see! Family! Uncle Gary and Aunt Donna! 

Enjoying their backyard while the weather is pleasant. 

The kids had fun playing with the beanbag toss. 

And Theresa loves seeing what's growing in the garden. Looking good! 

Playing keep-away and tag too. 

More family! Cousin Sharon and her family!


Every time we've come here, they've brought out lots of fun games and tonight is no exception. This one uses crazy glasses! 

There's 3 different lenses you can put in, and they all have varying blurriness/kaleidoscope effects.  

Flick the spinner, move the spaces and fit the glasses with the corresponding lenses. Then do you best at pictionary while you can barely seen enough to make out the pencil!

Greg and Sharon doing their best to decipher what's being drawn. 

It was a fun game with lots of laughs. 

Yep, looks like a duck to me Ian. 

Next they brought out a pretty simple game but one that's sure to be fun. All you have to do it turn the crank the number of times on the spinner. 

Abby made it through. 

And Zack. 


Poor Sharon. 

The anticipation! Made it through! 


I made it, even adding 1 extra click, but Ian wasn't so lucky! 

Going around the table again, Aunt Donna still hasn't gotten whip creamed. Will I make it through? 

Nope! It got me! 

Just Aunt Donna and Abby left. Who will win? It's Abby! 

Have you ever played Pit? They introduced us to it last time we were here and the kids loved it! 

It gets crazy, loud, and wild! 

Who is up for dessert? Aunt Donna made us cake!


And Abby made peanut butter chocolate balls. They were really good. 

We love hanging out with family here. 

One more game of Skip-Bo before it's time to go. 

Such good people. Always great hanging out! 

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  1. What a fun visit with family!...lots of laughter (that whip cream game keeps you on edge!...those wild lenses lead to some imaginative drawings!), lots of "just hanging around", and lots of good food (can't pass up chocolate cake, and PB chocolate balls sound yummy, too). Beautiful sunset photo at Timberlake Campground...what a special place it holds for your parents, too! Those light-up vests are so useful for those evening walks...such wonderful safety wearables. EOM