Friday, June 16, 2023

Prepping for the Pasadena Chalk Festival 2023

On Thursday, we started getting ready for the Pasadena Chalk Festival! At 4pm, the area in front of the Pasadena Convention Center open up and you can pick your spot. 

We've got a great spot, right in front of the convention center in a high traffic spot! And... this year Ruston and I aren't alone! We've got a new artist joining us! Theresa and the kids! 

At 6pm, the artist dinner started. Those who had turned in their murals did so, and received their dinner wristband and meal ticket. 

Friends! Charlotte is an artist we know from previous years, but recently we found out she plays Pokemon Go! We're friends with her on that and the kids sent gift and raid with her often!

The setting for dinner is amazing. All the food is set up in front of the convention center. 

Hoping it's something good. 

The best! Tacos! And even better, delicious tacos! Fresh guac, lots of toppings. So great!

Enjoying a meal with friends. 

Tom and the Light Bringer crew speaking to everyone. We're really happy that it's back this year! When the Paseo Colorado didn't happen, the Pasadena Convention Center stepped in! So thankful!

Bianca is an amazing artist and such a nice person. She's got an art exhibition coming up where she's drawn sculptures of the masters. Her work is excellent. 

Ha! Curt is claiming his spot. 

Last year, when we did Mickey Mouse in this area, when I took down my time lapse camera from this pole, I saw I left a tiny piece of painters tape. I wondered to myself what would happen if I left it. Would it be here in a year? 

It was! Not so easy to spot, but still there!

After the dinner, a group of us went out for dessert. Urth Cafe was nearby and came recommended. 

Carrot cake. 

Chocolate cake and a large mocha with whipped cream. There were no prices on the menu board of things. Should have asked ahead of time. Two slices of cake and one coffee was $27! 

On Friday, the night before the festival started officially, we have some prep work to do. But first, dinner!

I love Blaze Pizza for all the toppings you can add to the pizza. 

It's a favorite of the kids too. So good!

Going back over to the festival, Charlotte and Curt are getting their base layers down. 

Theresa's mural this year! The emblem of the National Park Service!

After very meticulously taping the outside edges of the arrowhead, the tempera base goes down.

And after a few coats of white, ours are ready too! Tomorrow we chalk! 

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  1. What's better than one chalk mural?...two! Definitely a whole family affair this year...should be an interesting, fun time. Theresa had to be very meticulous with that taping job...didn't choose an easy first one to do! That was really cute how Curt claimed his spot :-) Amazing how the painter's tape stood the test of time on the pole. EOM