Thursday, June 1, 2023

Baja Mango Gem Mtn Dew - Mango Mountain Dew taste test

Another new type of Mountain Dew! Yes! And it's a Baja flavor too! Today we are all trying Baja Mango Gem Mtn Dew! 

This Mountain Dew has natural and artificial mango flavors. 
Patrick - But it contains 0% juice? How does it have natural flavors? 

What can we have to try it with? I thought maybe we could do a Frozen Mango smoothie with Mountain Dew as the liquid base! 

Healthy cause there's just two ingredients. Frozen Mango chunks and Mountain Dew! 

Looks like a smoothie to me!

The artwork for this Mango Dew is wild! There's a pirate octopus guarding a treasure, and another pirate monkey with a hook for a hand! 

The artwork continues on the can. 

Pour us some Mango Mountain Dew Patrick!

Megan - It's pretty good. I like it. 
Joe - It's not as strong of a mango flavor as I would expect. That's good cause I don't really like mango. 
Avery - Delicious!

Sheila - It's pretty good. And I'm not a mango fan either. 

How's the mango smoothie that I made with Mountain Dew? 
Patrick - That's got a lot more mango in it. 
Sheila - I'm not a fan of the real one. 
Megan - No!!! Ugh!
I think it's pretty obvious that Theresa doesn't like it either. She makes some of the best faces. 
Theresa - It's gross! You used a lot of mango, and it was not a good mango. 
Someone is very picky with her fruit. 
Patrick - That's a really good smoothie. 
Avery - Delicious! 
Is it sweet? Then Avery loves it!

Joe - It tastes about like what I would expect frozen mangos and Mountain Dew to taste like. I'm not a fan. I don't like mango. 
Avery - It tastes like mangos! Yummy!

Mickey - I don't like the smoothie. 
Alli - I liked the soda better. 

Avery - Mmm mmm mmm! Delish!
Patrick and Avery were big fans of the smoothie! Everyone else preferred the Mountain Dew more. 
Good job Mountain Dew for making a mango drink that we liked! 
Sheila - I think I liked the Mango Gem better than regular Mountain Dew! 

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  1. I thought the frozen mango smoothie would be super delicious since a ripe mango is sooooo yummy to me!...maybe the mango chunks weren't from a ripe, sweet mango??? Any ways, looks like the Mtn Dew Mango Gem drink was a hit! Such animated artwork on the carton and on the cans...very wild and intense! EOM