Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Promoting the Pasadena Chalk Festival on KABC in Los Angeles - I'm on TV!

It's Wednesday. Isn't it a little early to be drawing for the Pasadena Chalk Festival? Yes, yes it is.

BUT! A couple weeks ago, I got a phone call asking if I'd like to help promote the chalk festival by drawing a mural in front of ABC7 Studios in Los Angeles and show it on Live TV! Definitely! 

It was a super early morning, leaving the hotel at 4am. I arrived at the studios right around 4:45am

Inside the gates! 

Ruston, myself, and 4 other artists are here! We've only got 2 hours, versus the 2 days we get for the festival, so it's going to be a race to finish! We got down a white base and waited for it to dry. 

Traced our image. 

And off we went!

During the morning news, they cut to us chalking out front. There was even a drone above us giving some great views. 

Morning Weathercaster Tony Cabrera checked in with us all morning. He interviewed Tom Coston, the President of the Lightbringer Project, the art program that the Pasadena Chalk Festival supports. 

At 7:45am, as they were doing the interview, we were just wrapping things up. 

A time lapse of our work. 

Completed! Great job Ruston!

A photo with Tony Cabrera. Thanks for covering this!

Looking very nice Kurt and Charlotte!

Nice self-portrait Shirley. 

Aww, I love Calvin and Hobbes! Excellent work Manny!

These will be here until we get rain.

Mickey saluting the flag. 

Great job everyone today! Come out and see us at the Pasadena Chalk Festival this weekend! 

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  1. Great work everyone!! Love how perfectly Mickey salutes the flag on Flag Day...great subject choice to fit the occasion on Wednesday. The reds in the flag really popped out in the overhead coverage. Such an honor for you, Ruston, and the others to help promote the Chalk Festival by being featured at ABC Studios!!...congrats to all the chalk artists, and being able to meet the 2-hour deadline!! EOM