Friday, June 2, 2023

A Fairlife Milk Protein Drink Taste Test Comparison - All 5 flavors compared

Theresa has really gotten into working out and lifting weights. To build muscles, protein is essential. Theresa has tried multiple kinds of protein drinks and has never found one she likes. That is, until now! 

Theresa - Fairlife has an amazing amount of protein and just tastes like flavored milk! This 150 calorie drink has 30 grams of protein, which is super high. 

All the other drinks have that "whey" flavor, but Fairlife is literally just milk. They've separated milk into its components then mixed it back together with more protein and calcium and less sugar and lactose. It's even lactose free, so even more people can drink it! They are also shelf stable and will last for 1 year! 

And let me tell you, finding all 5 unique flavors was a challenge. Coffee and Salted Caramel could only be found at Sams. The others you might find Chocolate or Vanilla, but Strawberry would be elusive. 
Since doing this taste test, it's become even more difficult to find these. Because of supply chain issues, Fairlife only advertises chocolate and vanilla on their website now, and all the other flavors are gone for now. 

But, since we have all 5 flavors, we've got to do a taste test and see what is our favorite! There's Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Coffee, and Salted Caramel!

The kids are certainly excited to try the flavored milk. Theresa has hyped it up pretty well. 

First up is Vanilla!
Ian - It tastes like a milkshake. 
Avery - It tastes like vanilla ice cream. 
Joe - Yep, like melted vanilla ice cream. 

Megan - It's a light and sweet taste. 
Joe - Like old fashioned vanilla ice cream. 
Theresa - That's the best vanilla protein drink I've ever tasted. 

Next we have Strawberry!
Alli - Strawberry. Cause you drink it with a straw. 
Avery - I tried it and I don't love it. 
Patrick - It's like Hersheys strawberry milk. 
Mickey - That's tasty. 
Ian - Delicious!
Alli - And it's nutritious! Good protein!
Megan - I don't like that. Aftertaste. 

Can chocolate be better? 
Theresa - It's chocolate milk!
Sheila - It's good! I think vanilla is better though. 
Joe - It's thick like chocolate milk.  

Avery - Bad aftertaste.
Patrick - The aftertaste is not great.
Joe - It's better than the whey protein aftertaste. 
Mickey - I don't like it either. 
Theresa - It doesn't have a particular aftertaste to me. 

Next we have coffee!
Theresa - Mmm! That's a good coffee milk!
Sheila - That's good!

Avery - That's a million thumbs down. 
Patrick - I like that one. 
Megan - I give it a C+. 
Patrick - It reminds me of a coffee candy. 

Finally there's Salted Caramel. Is it pronounced caramel or caramel? 
Avery - Caramel! Caramel! Caramel!
Joe - I think she's excited. 
Megan - Another one that's gross. 
Sheila - This is salted caramel? I didn't expect it to be so white. 
Avery - I give it a million plus a million plus a million thumbs down. 
Mickey - Oh! I thought she was going to other way. 
Ian - I agree with Avery. Very bad. 

Patrick - I'm going to go for some more coffee. 
Mickey - As much as I was a fan of the vanilla, I like the strawberry the best. 

So what are the winners? 
Theresa - I can't pick. I like all of them. Maybe I like strawberry less cause I can't mix it with my morning coffee. I would drink through all of them. 
Avery - Vanilla was my favorite. It tastes like ice cream. 
Ian - Vanilla
Alli - Strawberry
Joe - Coffee.
Patrick - Also Coffee.
Megan - Vanilla.
Mickey - I'm with Alli. Strawberry. 
Sheila - Coffee, followed by vanilla. And the worst one was the chocolate. 

Theresa - Before you go, try mixing some! Coffee and chocolate! Chocolate and caramel!
Mickey - I'm going to mix Strawberry and Chocolate. 
Maybe a Neopolitan with Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate!

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  1. Sounds like Theresa found THE protein drink for her!...good for her. The vanilla tasting like a vanilla ice cream milkshake sounds good. The flavor combinations sound tasty, especially coffee + chocolate...creative "neapolitan" idea! Favorite comment: "Strawberry...cause you drink it with a straw!" :-) EOM