Friday, June 23, 2023

All the chalk murals from the 2023 Pasadena Chalk Festival

Fair warning, the Pasadena Chalk Festival has previously made the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest chalk festival in the world. By my count, this year there were 170+ artists drawing, so this page is going to be really really long. I won't be commenting much. 

The day after the chalk festival, Monday morning, the sky was overcast and the crowds were gone. I got up early to visit the festival grounds before everything is cleaned up. With no weird shadows and no crowds, I was able to meander through all the murals, taking pictures as I went. I think I got them all, and where possible I included the artist's name. 

Please enjoy!

I'm not the only one enjoying a quiet morning in Pasadena. Ruston and I met Charlie Sanchez years ago. He's got his own YouTube channel where he talks about his daily life in Pasadena

Someone has left a flower by Bianca's Madonna. 

Excellent Jennica!

Sarah, I love the finished product. And I loved hearing your stories about the all the young Asian boys and even Asian men taking multiple photos with your mural. 

I like all the detail including the Power Gauge on Zurg's blaster, and the Laser on Buzz's arm. 

Beautiful Lori!

Looks good enough to eat. Winner for Best Technique this year. 

Tom invited Ruston and I over for punch at noon, but we were so busy working we didn't make it. 

Our friend John Vaughn, who helped us during our first year, showing us the trick of using tempera on the ground. 

Winner Best in Animation. 

They've replaced the physical baseball with a chalk drawing, including a Babe Ruth signature on the front of the ball. 

A better look at the Narwhal Alli loved. 

Girls - I need to send this to my mom. She loves math. 

Excellent job this year Jamie. 

Murals don't have to be large. They can just be a few small Stitch drawings. 

Arlou Somo

And Randall Williams. Same starting image with two different interpretations. 

Looking good Stacy. 

I watched Liz Canto as she sat in a chair and used a long stick with a rubber band and piece of chalk on the end to draw this. 

Charlotte Scoville's Barbie. 

A couple young girls loved it and wanted a picture by it. 

Curt's Lego Movie Benny looked beautiful. 

Abby Edelstein was our chalk neighbor our first year. Now she's off to college in art school! 

Abby's mom Jessica has participated in the festival every year since the beginning! She and her partner were winners of Most Inspirational showing how art therapy can be beneficial for creative types, giving them another outlet to express themselves. Art therapy isn't just a couch and a kleenex. 

Shuji Nishimu was voted 3rd Best in Festival by all the other artists. 

Grasiela Rodriguez and her pirates mural. When she was finished, she sprinkled red glitter over the redhead's dress, making her really sparkle. 

Hazel Vukojevich won most inspirational last year for his mural of a Ukrainian refugee. This year he has drawn Marsha P Johnson, a gay liberation activist. 

Hazel's father Anthony had his first year as an artist at the festival, drawing different animals that can be found around Pasadena. 

Julio JimĂ©nez won best 3D effect for his Aztec laptop.  

Kayla throwing down an impressive Darth Maul. 

Voted by the artists as the Best in Festival. 

Winner for Most Humorous. 

Where did the artwork go? Actually I saw that first morning that Oscar was laying down paper/canvas before he started working so he could take it with him later! 

Here's someone else's photo before it disappeared. 

Winner of On the Way to MOCA. 

Winner of the People's Choice Award this year, and by the artists as 2nd place for Best in Festival. 

Winner for Best Use of Color. 

Someone else I know! Kat Ward, the event organizer of the Pasadena Chalk Festival was strolling through the artwork as well. Excellent job this year Kat! 

Whew! So many amazing artists, all together in one place for one weekend a year! It's always fun coming out here! 

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  1. Perfect (not too hot or cold) early morning to leisurely stroll around and appreciate the chalk artistry encompassing so many ideas...lots of different subject matters and voices captured by the chalk. Seeing the finished drawings gives closure and a sense of satisfaction after all those tiring hours of hard work by everyone. Thanks for sharing a photo tour of the many chalk drawings!! Congrats to ALL the artists!! EOM