Sunday, June 25, 2023

More Mississippi Family at McClain Lodge - 2022/10/23

Jumping back a bit in time, last October we were working our way back to Florida in the RV. Stopping in Mississippi we got to visit with family, including my Aunt Kim and Uncle Mark! 

We're all meeting up at a Safari Park in Brandon Mississippi!

The McClain Resort has all sorts of animals to visit and of course they like you better when you have food. 

Aunt Kim and Uncle Mark bought everyone bags and bags of carrots. 

The first thing we see are the bunnies! 

They're so fluffy and adorable, and they love carrots!

Whoa! A Zebra!

Close enough to pet!

And a baby deer. 

Hi buddy. 

How often do you get this up close with a zebra? 

A very fluffy alpaca, like the ones we met at the Lone Ranch Alpaca Farm in Oregon

Not quite as friendly as Kimaree, but close. 

All the baby goats were interested in food. 

A camel! 

Smiling for the camera. 

With our remaining carrots, the bunnies got a feast. 

After a tasty all-you-can-eat buffet lunch, we all headed out front to visit the Harvest Festival! 

With pony rides. 

Just one pony, so I guess they'll take turns. 

A small hay maze. 

Drainage pipe slide. 

A bounce house. 

And even play-til-you-win carnival games. 

Ever been buried in corn? 

With our remaining tickets, why not get a sweet treat. 

Great to see you today Aunt Kim and Uncle Mark! 

Thank you for inviting us out today!

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  1. What unique, fun experiences with Aunt Kim & Uncle Mark that day. Safari Park has so many different animals...look at the carrot sticking out of the bunny's mouth :-) ...the zebra opened wide for his treat, just to make sure he didn't miss anything! The Harvest Festival was another fun time...the pony rides must have been super exciting for Alli & Ian (quite different than sitting on a horse in Disneyland's King Arthur Carrousel!)...looks like a "bumpy" slide down the drainage pipe :-) Great memories that day! EOM