Saturday, October 4, 2014

Austin's football game and Ian's tries his first donut

It's Sunday morning and T, Ian and I are up in Michigan visiting family. One of the things we're excited to do is see the nieces and nephews playing sports.

Ian's Uncle Tyler stopped by Tim Horton's this morning and made sure to save Ian some Timbits.

Uncle Ty giving him his very first bite of donut.

Look at that smile. I think he likes it.

How about another bite Uncle Ty?

Next the whole family went to the football stadium to watch Austin play.

Austin is a football stud. In just about every play, you'll find #23 involved somehow. To start the game, yes, he's the kicker. He kicks off down the field to the waiting return man.

And who happens to be the guy to make the tackle? It's Austin!

He plays defense and offense. When their opponent found some open space, Austin was the one who chased him down and saved the touchdown. Being so close to the goal line, you'd think the other team might have scored, but Austin made an interception on the 1 yard line and took the ball 99 yards down the field for a touchdown and the first 6 points of the game.

I would have taken a picture of it, but I happened to have a munchkin on my shoulders. We were all cheering for him super loud though.

Here he is on offense being chased.

Putting on some moves and then breaking to the outside.

He'd go on to score a rushing touchdown. Score is now 12-0 with all the points belonging to Austin.

Getting a piece of the runner's uniform enough to slow him down.

At halftime, Coach Donald inspires the team.

A good time to get a soft pretzel and cheese.

Early in the second half, Austin recovers a fumble and takes it back for a touchdown!

Wow, what an exciting game. This was definitely the game to come see him play since all the points so far belong to Austin.

Unfortunately when a team goes up by three touchdowns, in this league they're required to take their top players out. That means Austin is done for the day, but man, what a day.

After the game, we all met up with Austin. Instead of getting a game ball, these guys are playing for the Pringles. The top player on offense and the top player on defense each get a can of Pringles. Well earned Austin!

Proud of you!

Afterwards, he got a champions ride back to the car.

We went back to the house after the game and watched the Denver Broncos beat up on the Arizona Cardinals. Ian had fun wrestling Aunt Amy.

And we finished the night with my Grandma's recipe for spiced tea. Mmm. The perfect Fall drink.

So far this has been a great visit. There's plenty more coming up. Stay tuned!

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