Monday, October 6, 2014

Visiting Frankenmuth Michigan and Aubrey's volleyball game

It's Tuesday and we're in Michigan hanging out with family. Today Donald has a special treat planned for us. We're driving nearly 2 hours north to Frankenmuth Michigan.

While everyone was getting ready, Ian taught Donald how to play the piano. Ian would bang bang bang on the keys, but Donald couldn't quite get it right.

Our first stop of the day is Bronner's Christmas Wonderland and is the World's Largest Christmas Store!

As soon as you walk in, there are Christmas decorations as far as your eye can see in this 320,000 square foot store.

It's so big, there's an information desk at the entrance with a map of the entire store.

Need snowflakes?

There's an entire section dedicated to snowflakes. T is living dangerously, handing Ian a very breakable ornament.

Founded in 1945, Wally Bronner's store now carries 50,000 different items, attracting 2 million people a year. Besides things to buy, there's at least 800 figures, various scenes, and thousands of lights decorating the store.

Even Mickey Mouse sent a little something along to decorate the place.

Wow, sparkly.

A countless number of stockings.

And Theresa spotted this one as we walked by.

Hey! Get outta here. Get get get.

That's more like it.

A Disney inspired setup.

Ian the snowman.

After spending over an hour wandering around Bronners, it was time to explore the rest of the town of Frankenmuth.

For lunch, we headed to the most famous restaurant in town, Zehnder's, known for it's all-you-can-eat chicken dinners with seating for 1500 people!

While upstairs there is more formal seating and all-you-can-eat dining, downstairs the same food is served cafeteria style. Instead of the $19.95 per person upstairs, here you can get 8 pieces of chicken, 4 rolls, and 8 sides for ~$35. It's a ridiculous amount of food that had Don, Theresa, and myself stuffed.

Well stuffed yes, but there's always a little room left for dessert. There was case after case of delicious looking pastries.

Followed by even more cases of sweets, cakes, and tarts.

In the end, I got a humongous toasted coconut and milk chocolate cup. Yummy!

Afterwards we needed to walk off our meal, so we wandered through the rest of Frankenmuth.

I like the feel of these old town shops.

Our last stop of the day was the Frankenmuth Cheese Haus. That place was so good, I'm going to have a post just for it.
Tonight Abby was supposed to be playing a volleyball game up in this area at 5:30, so we were just walking around killing some time. Around 3:30pm, Donald got a phone call that Abby's game was cancelled and now Aubrey had a game near the house which was 2 hours away, starting at 5pm. Yikes! Time to go!

The four of us made good time and arrived midway through the first game. Almost all the rest of the family is here watching.

Her team won the first game easily, but we didn't get to see Aubrey play very much.

For the second game, they took out their starters. After a particularly long run of points by the other team, Aubrey was not enjoying sitting on the sidelines.

Ian was having fun in the stands.

After her team lost the 2nd game, it was time for game 3. Aubrey's back in!

Taking a swing at an outside set.

Ian getting a little bit better view from up top.

Serving is where Aubrey really shines. On a good day, she'll go on serving runs scoring 10 points in a row.

Today was not one of those days, but still she got them all in.

Playing a little defense.

Aubrey swung hard on this spike. It ended up hitting the top of the net and crawling its way over.

Whew, that was close Aubrey! Her team all got a kick out of it.

In the end, her team won the match 2-1. Nice work Aubrey!

On the way out, Ian got some walking practice with his Uncle Ty.

I bet all that practice is going to pay off.

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