Friday, October 3, 2014

Flying to Michigan and Ian's first White Castle experience

Every year, right around this time, Theresa and I take a trip up to Michigan. We visit with family of course, but it's also the season for apple orchards and pumpkin carving. Plus the weather is a little bit chillier than California so it helps us get into the Fall spirit. This year we've got another passenger joining us. Off we go!

Someone is a very happy traveler. And getting so big and smart too!

And before we're even up in the air, he's out. I'm telling you, put this kid in a moving vehicle and he's out.

We've got a 2 hour stop in St. Louis before we head to Michigan. Ian was happy to get off the plane and stretch his legs.

And when he's not walking he prefers to ride.

With the grandparents sitting in the seats in front of us, it's okay to reach over the seats and play.

And if there's a seat in between them, he even gets to visit for a little while.

Let's go ahead and check Michigan off the list of states visited.

We arrived after 10pm and were greeted by two cars to pick us up.

Once we arrived at the house, Ian was the immediate center of attention. Welcome to the circle of cousins.

And Ian was happy to show off his new walking ability.

I have a feeling he's going to get pretty good at this during the time we're here. After briefly catching up with everyone, we all turn in.

The next morning, sure enough, more walking practice.

Aubrey made him a vehicle out of the laundry basket.

It's tradition that I become the jungle gym for all the kids, no matter how big they are.

And as they get bigger, they also become more bold.

Two at a time? Sure, no problem.

Ian was actually getting jealous and trying to pull himself up too.

Even Theresa got in on it.

More walking practice and carrying one of our favorite things. With this sippy cup, he can now feed himself whenever he wants! Awesome!

Tonight is going to be a movie night. T and I take the four bigger kids to Target to grab snacks and Captain America: The Winter Soldier from a Redbox.

And even though the high today was 54 degrees, we order 6 large Icees on the way out.

Yep, jackets and Icees.

For dinner tonight, we're having one of my favorites. White Castle!

I wish we had these out in California.

In the lobby there are these great old time photographs.

"Do I Love .. White Castles!"
Everybody does. There's nothin can beat 'em. A White Castle Hamburger is as delicious and tasty as anything can be. 

Since we're feeding the family, I go ahead and pick up 50 sliders. I'm sure we'll have no trouble putting them away.

Plus there's a brand new customer who is just waiting to try one.

He squeezed it really hard. Maybe he thought it was a toy.

Try a bite buddy!

Oh yeah. There's a smile. I knew he'd like them.

And he's going back for more.

He used some of those new teeth of his to bite all around the edges.

The rest of the evening was just hanging out with family and playing with the cousins.


Giving his Aunt Amy some smiles while Abby messes with his feet.

Time for bed! Bunkbeds are fun, but still too dangerous for him. I thought he'd stop at the edge, but he was happy to crawl right over it and try to make his way to the ground. Lucky for him, we're there to stop him.

We did so much stuff while we were in Michigan for the week. There's a whole lot more trip reports coming up soon!

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