Thursday, October 9, 2014

Picking a pumpkin and carving pumpkins in Michigan

I know I'm behind on some of my blog posts. We're going to jump back to Michigan and our trip to the farmer's market where we pick some pumpkins and then carve them.

A couple days ago, we went all the way up to Frankenmuth looking for fall leaves. Those hadn't changed much yet, but this tree right in the backyard is putting on a pretty good show for us.

When there's only one tree, I love seeing all the colors on one.

While the kids were in school, Theresa, Ian and I headed to Block's Farm. In all the past years we've come to Michigan and carved pumpkins, we always find the best selection and prices at Blocks.

I want to see the pumpkins!

So much so that he tried to climb up onto it.

Alright, lets take a closer look.

If he likes looking at them, he'll like being in with them more.

These look fun!

And he really enjoyed crawling around in the crates of pumpkins.

This the one you want?

Only $2.50 for these giant pumpkin? That's a great deal! Back home in CA They'd be $6 at least.

We bought a bunch of pumpkins for everyone to carve.

And Ian got an Ian sized pumpkin just for him. He held it the whole way home.

A couple nights later, the family gathered around the table for our annual pumpkin carving.

Donald and Theresa joined forces to support the Denver Broncos.

Abby decided she wanted to carve the Rapunzel's wall painting from the movie Tangled. Instead of printing it out, I just decided to try to freehand it and tell her what to carve out.

Theresa helped Ethan started on an Olaf pumpkin while I got Austin started on a Captain America shield.

Some were just there for support. We had a delicious pumpkin cake and spiced tea.

Carving pumpkins is always a highlight for me on our October Michigan visits. I think everyone else enjoys it too.

Aubrey was there mainly for support.

Ethan started his pumpkin.

And Tyler continued it.

Getting started on my pumpkin this year. In the past I've carved Chick-fil-A, White Castle, and In-n-Out pumpkins. What's this year going to be?

Almost finished!

Nice work Ty!

Go Broncos!

That looks awesome Abby!

Aubrey decided to do one after all at the end.

What was my inspiration this year? Krispy Kreme and their Hot Doughnuts.

I wasn't sure about adding the "Original Glazed" lettering because it was so small, but I think it all turned out pretty well.

Fun times!

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