Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pumpkin Carving day at the Flowers house

Welcome to Ian's pumpkin patch! In a tradition that reaches back at least 5 years, we're having a bunch of friends over to carve pumpkins.

His Mommy got him a little pumpkin.

He treated it like a ball and wouldn't stop rolling it to us.

Good roll buddy, but that's not what you do with these!

His Daddy got him a pumpkin too. This 85 pound monster pumpkin is probably big enough for him to sit in.

And just in case one wasn't enough, he got a 72 pound pumpkin to go with it.

This was early in the day. By the end, this table was covered with pies, pumpkin bars, candy, salad, pizza, pumpkin seeds, Jacob's meatballs, and cookies.

Catherine and Pablo arrived with Lucas. Ian learned how to share his Cheerios.

Ian likes this giant pumpkin.

Ruston and Jacob working on their pumpkins.

Eliza and Jackson came as well.

Catherine working on a Mike Wazowski pumpkin.

Even Pablo got into the action with a Dodgers carving.

Lacey and Alon working on an ambitious carving that will resemble their dog.

The Bakers showed up and carved a couple "Baby's First Halloween" jack o'lanterns.

Always ambitious, Ruston and Jacob start on their second pumpkins.

Ian had fun playing in the yard with Lucas and Jackson.

The newest member of our crew, Baby Hannah watching her daddy working on his own pumpkin.

JB is showing some love for his KC Royals, hoping they can come back and tie up the World Series against the Giants this Tuesday.

Ian watches as I put the finishing touches on his Mickey face pumpkin.

Not bad, huh buddy.

Gene and Grace show up with Elliott and start to work on a Zero (the ghost dog from The Nightmare Before Christmas).

Ruston is putting a protective glue coating on his pumpkin to help keep it from molding up.

Pablo finished his Dodgers Jack O'Lantern. Nice work!

These big pumpkins were a hit.

Big enough to ride!

Jackson (Eliza) finished his pumpkin spider with spooky eyes.

Curious about the candle inside.

Lucas loves his Monsters Inc Mike Wazowski pumpkin. Great job Catherine! Especially since it was one of your first times!

As it got dark outside, the party continued inside.

Alon and Lacey's carving of their dog turned out great!

Punisher in the front.

And Avengers in the back.

A traditional jack o'lantern and a spooky vampire Mickey from Jacob this year.

Hope everyone had a great time! See you again next year!

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