Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Pizza at Home - Sweet Summer Corn Pizza

Every week, another new pizza! 

As I was walking through the supermarket with Theresa in the produce section, I saw that sweet corn is just coming into season. I bet I could make a pizza out of that! 

A couple of fresh ears of corn should do the trick. 

I cut the corn kernels off the cobs, but I'm not quite done with the cobs yet. 

I heated some garlic and onions in some oil, then added my corn kernels. 

After cutting off the kernels, there's still some good corn flavor left in the cobs. I scraped the juices out and into a bowl. 

I don't know what this mash is, but I used it along with water to make my pizza dough, using my normal recipe. 

And normally I'd flour the parchment, but because it's a corn pizza, I thought corn meal was more appropriate. 

I was debating whether to add red tomato sauce to this one or something else. In the end, the red sauce won out. 

That's a lot of corn on that pizza, but let's give it a shot!

One sweet summer corn pizza!

The crust looks a little dark, but it was surprisingly light and crispy. The dough was just a little sweet and did have a corn flavor. The corn topping was certainly an interesting one. It was good. I like corn. But it's nothing I'd be craving again. 

And it's not the only pizza I'm making today either. There's also a meat pizza with these delicious pepperonis that curl up as they crisp. 

A combo pizza. 
And a BBQ Smoked Pork pizza with red onions, cilantro, and bbq sauce. 

Why so many pizzas? Because we're in Michigan visiting family! 

Someone likes their pepperoni pizza. 
The pizza was great! 

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  1. A lot of delicious-looking pizzas! I like that sweet corn pizza idea...lots of fresh corn from the cob, cob juice and the corn meal sound like a yummy combo. Ian's special pepperoni pizza...just the way he likes it, simple but with lots of pepperoni! Another great pizza night! EOM