Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Welcome to Colorado!

 We're in Colorado! The first stop on our journey! Colorado Springs is beautiful, especially with Pikes Peak in the background. 

While we're here, Theresa and I liked to take the kids out on walks. I remember riding my bike or walking with my brothers from the house to get to the nearby 7/11 for candy and Slurpees. Now we're doing the same thing, going to the same 7/11. 

We're hoping to not fall behind in our biking and walking, in our quest for 500 miles of each this year. Patrick stopped by along with Avery and we went on a hilly 5 mile ride. 

But it was nice to see some new sights, and ride on the wide sidewalks here. 

Alli and Ian have been busy keeping creative. Gram keeps plenty of supplies available. They made a Winter Wonderland sign on a snowflake. 

And made lots of snow (paper) and ice (blue paper) for the Little People to play on. In the background are cut-out snowmen. 

After dinner, when the weather was pleasant, we'd all go out on a walk as a family. 

Last year we celebrated the kids' half birthday, and we figured why not keep up the tradition. The weather in Colorado has been wild, with snow one day, beautiful sunny skies the next, and then winds gusting at 40+ mph! Today though we were treated to a beautiful rainbow!

Aunt Rita's Jewish Coffee Cake is now their favorite, so Theresa made sure to make it for them. 

Theresa and I only give them a present for their half birthday. Everyone else can celebrate their regular birthday. 

But it's a pretty good one. A Nintendo Switch! 

And some fun games! They're already loving Mario Kart 8. 

We're still having our usually food traditions. This time more people get to join us in them! Like Taco Tuesday. 

Alli, why are you eating it like that? 

Greek gyro night. 

With homemade gyro and garlic sauce. 

Fresh bread is always welcome. The Rustic Loaf turned out really well. 

And Asian night with sweet and sour chicken, teriyaki chicken, cream cheese wontons, and rice. 

The kids liked visiting Gram while she's working at the library, and bringing her an iced coffee. 

Gram is always keeping an eye out for books for the kids at the Used Book Shop in the library. A Minecraft book? Yes please!

Now that the weather is starting to turn, Gram wanted to start up her garden. We all went to the garden center to pick out some plants. 

This will look colorful. 

Digging up the raised garden beds. 

And soaking and replanting a plant that is supposed to be good in cold weather. Let's hope we don't get any more snow this summer!

I see you two. Actually the kids have been seeing a TON of bunnies when we go for our walks at night-time. 

Ian has been keeping track, and I think we're up to something like 53 bunny sightings. Granted some of them might be repeats, but that's still a lot of bunnies. It's like Bunnyville over here. 

But freshly planted veggies and bunnies don't really mix, so there's a few live-catch traps near the garden. 

Any bunnies we catch are re-homed to a nearby field. 

And finally, there have been a whole bunch of Uno matches. Like, hours long Uno matches. We're all having a good time here! We love Colorado!

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  1. Lots of fun family activities with Gram and Pop Pop. The gardening and seeing all those bunnies (they sure move fast when on the run!) are definitely different experiences. Themed food nights are always delicious, especially when favorites are there! Think Alli is showing us a unique way to eat a taco...who said it had to be eaten only one way :-) Glad to see Ian & Alli still exploring their creative art skills (cute little people on the snow & ice; those crafting scissors are fun to experiment with, too) Like that rainbow capture! What memories of going to the 7/11 and now sharing them with your own little ones! P.S. With those pianos in the room some musical fun times must be just ahead :-) EOM