Monday, June 21, 2021

Pizza at Home - Father's Day Favorites, Aubrey's Favorite MOD pizza

Happy Fathers Day! Despite being offered the opportunity to kick back and relax, Sundays are a day for pizza! And why not make some of our favorite pizzas!

We're in Michigan for Father's day and Aubrey has a favorite that she likes to get from a nearby pizza place, MOD pizza. You can think of MOD pizza like a Subway. Tons of available toppings, pick your favorites and then they'll cook it up for you. 

Aubrey's go-to is fresh garlic, tomatoes, gorgonzola cheese, plus a balsamic glaze to top it off. That sounds pretty delicious to me. Let's make it!

Aubrey took up a position at the "chef's table" to watch as I assembled everything. Since I had the time, I went with a 24 hour artisan pizza dough recipe. 

It's topped off with fresh basil that Aubrey and the kids picked from Grammy's garden here in Michigan. 

And it cooked up beautifully and smelled fantastic. 

Topped with a sweet balsamic drizzle, it's a very delicious pizza indeed. The garlic really comes through and is a great compliment to the sweetness. Great choice Aubrey. That's the second pizza you've inspired (the first being a tasty Buffalo Chicken Pizza). 

For my next pizza "favorite" I'm going to need onions and about 90 minutes on the stove. 

It's crazy how much 5 onions reduces to. But it's a very important part of my favorite pizza ever. This is the Napa Rose Signature Pizzetta! It's made with caramelized onions, red grapes, prosciutto, and cambozola cheese. Cambozola isn't so easy to find (we looked in 3 different grocery stores), but it's in the same family as Gorgonzola. We're going to substitute that today and see how it all works out.  

Somehow all these flavors come together to be absolutely delicious. All these ingredients have a strong flavor, but nothing is overpowering. 

It also happens to be Theresa's favorite pizza too. 
Theresa - Is it Mother's Day? I'm getting my favorite too!

So good. All those tasty toppings. 

For Alli, her favorite, a personal pizza with just crust and sauce. 

Those crispy pepperonis were such a hit last time that I'm making an entire pizza out of them this time. I showed it to Ian and he said it was just the right amount of pepperonis. 

Not pictured was Richard's favorite, a combo pizza with sausage, peppers, olives, mushrooms, and onions. 

So that's five pizza favorites for Fathers Day today! All of them were delicious! 

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  1. Great way to celebrate Father's Day...a pizza feast! The kitchen must have smelled sooooooooooo good with all that pizza baking and then sitting on the counter waiting to be enjoyed (devoured!) Aubrey comes up with unique pizza ideas...another new one to be enjoyed. Always a treat to see the Napa Rose Signature Pizzetta making an appearance. If the "pepperoni man" says "just right", it must definitely be enough! :-) EOM