Monday, May 10, 2021

Pizza at Home - Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Happy Pizza Day! This week we've got visitors! Aubrey and Rita are here from Michigan! I asked what kind of pizza they wanted today and Aubrey had a special request that I've never made before.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza! I love buffalo wings! Should be tasty!

I've never made my own buffalo sauce before, but it's quite simple. I followed the recipe from for Buffalo Chicken Wing Sauce

I had no idea that it used a whole stick of butter!

That all melted together. 

And as soon as it started bubbling it was done! I poured off a bit of the sauce into another bowl, and I added corn starch to thicken it up for another use. 

Buffalo Chicken Pizza has to have chicken! I pan fried some chunks of chicken and then mixed it with buffalo sauce. 

The chicken wings that I order usually come with a side of Ranch sauce to dip them into, so I'm going to incorporate ranch into this too. I mixed a bit of ranch powder into my buffalo sauce. 

And then that whole thing was spread over my pizza dough. 

Then for toppings, a little bit of mozzarella, buffalo coated chicken pieces, and some red onion. 

Because I always make two pizzas, my second one is a similar style, also without a tomato sauce base. My BBQ Chicken pizza is pretty delicious, with a bbq sauce base, chicken pieces, red onion, and cilantro. Thanks Theresa!

These look tasty! 

After it came out of the oven, I used my corn starch thickened buffalo sauce as a drizzle on top, along with a ranch drizzle. 

And this BBQ chicken pizza is going to be great! Look at that puffy crust! Just like a free breadstick!

Truthfully I was a little concerned about the Buffalo Chicken Pizza. Buffalo sauce is good and all, but it can get overwhelming pretty quickly, plus it can drown out any other flavors. 
But that was not the case today! The addition of the ranch powder brought down the intensity of the buffalo sauce very nicely. And choosing flavorful ingredients like the red onion mixed it up a little bit. If I changed anything, I might reduce the butter in the sauce by a third to cut down on the greasiness. 
But polling the room, everyone was surprised by how much they liked it! Buffalo Chicken Pizza is a winner!

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  1. Quite the pizza sauce maker to add "just the right amount of Ranch seasoning" to balance the Buffalo sauce flavor...great intuition there! Both pizzas and the "free breadsticks" made for a delicious pizza day. Looks like the Buffalo Chicken Pizza gets onto the repeat list. Great pizza suggestion, Aubrey! EOM