Saturday, May 8, 2021

Rita comes to visit, plus a surprise visitor!

The kids have really been missing seeing family for the past year. Before all this COVID stuff, we would be going somewhere or having someone visit us almost every month! So they were thrilled to learn that their Aunt Rita had received both of her vaccination shots and was going to come pay us a visit! (Forgive the mess, we were in the process of packing up the house and moving). 

The kids had been talking all week about how much fun it was going to be to see their Aunt Rita, but, little did they know, there was another surprise in store. Their cousin Aubrey who loves to do stuff with them is also coming, but it's a secret. 
Some of the adults had little slip-ups here and there. Things like "when they get here" instead of "when she gets here". Or using Aubrey's name, but then changing it quickly to Rita. Aubrey kept up the illusion too, chatting with them on FaceTime in the days before, saying she had to work and wouldn't make it. 
Ian noticed me getting both his and Alli's bed ready in their room and asked why I was doing both. Uh, so Aunt Rita can pick which bed she wants to sleep in.

The kids were in bed (in our room) when the plane arrived, and I went to the airport. When I got home, Aunt Rita came upstairs to see them first, and then Aubrey came in to surprise them too! 

Even though it's a short visit, they're really excited to see everyone. 

It's been too long!

The next morning, Grandpa got to see them. 

And Grammy. 

They've planned out lots of treats and meals while they're out here. Ian wanted to do something for them and said he'd use his own money to buy everyone 85C. Thanks buddy. That's very thoughtful of you. 


Haven't done one of these types of photos in a while. 

The kids love all the time that Aubrey spends with them. Like Alli getting her nails painted. 

With pink glitter!

Before we leave California, we also need to go visit the ocean. We all piled into the car along with a few beach chairs, umbrellas, and towels and enjoyed a beautiful sunny day in Southern California. I'm definitely going to miss this. 

The kids love playing in the ocean. Racing the waves back to shore, finding shells, and throwing rocks into the water. 

And building sand castles, of course. 

Waiting for us at home for lunch were Grammy's famous chicken nuggets (recipe can be found here). We all ate really good while they were visiting. Korean food, Al Noor at home, Olive Garden at home, Moon Donuts, 85C, and of course, Sunday Pizza. 

Even in our short time together, we still had lots of fun and I do have a few more stories that I'll be sharing separately. The kids were sad to see them leave, but happy to know that we'd be seeing them again in just a few short weeks!

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  1. What a surprise visit by Aubrey...left the kids momentarily speechless! So wonderful Rita & Aubrey were able to squeeze in one more So Cal visit before your move...beautiful weather for the beach and such fun times shared there. Ahhhh...observant Ian on "two beds" being made when "only" Rita was expected...good thing you had an explanation :-) Very, very thoughtful of Ian to offer up his own savings to treat everyone at it, Ian! EOM