Saturday, May 15, 2021

A Funfetti Oreo Comparison

I thought when we tried 12 different Funfetti things it would be the be-all and end-all Funfetti taste test. But after we did the taste test, and in the week that I was writing it up, Funfetti went and announced a brand new product. Oreo Funfetti!  

And it's not just 1 Oreo Funfetti item. There's 5!
1. Vanilla Funfetti Cake with Oreo cookie pieces
2. Chocolate Funfetti Cake with Oreo cookie pieces
3. Vanilla Funfetti frosting with Oreo cookie pieces
4. Funfetti Pancakes with Oreo cookie pieces
5. Funfetti Brownies with Oreo cookie pieces

Cousin Aubrey was going to be coming out to visit, and the kids love making things in the kitchen with her. I asked Aubrey if she'd like to make all these with the kids. Yes! 

What do you want to start with? Alli chose the Chocolate Cake Mix. She's using those reading skills to figure out the instructions. 

Our egg cracking expert Alli. 

This chocolate cake looks especially chocolatey. 

This is supposed to make 24 cupcakes, but we've learned from before that we like to fill them a little bit extra to make even bigger cupcakes. 

I've got something special in mind for the little bit of extra batter. I greased and floured two cake pans and we split the extra batter between the two of them. 

Those are going to bake for 18 minutes.

While those are going, we made up the vanilla cupcakes. The Oreo bits in it do discolor the batter a bit. It totally makes it look like a cookies and creme cake batter. 

With the extra batter, that went into a single cake pan. Have an idea where this might be going? 

Next it was time to make the brownies! These are looking extra rich and chocolatey too. 

The batter itself didn't have any Oreo pieces in it. 

Included in the brownie box was a separate baggie of crushed Oreo Cookie pieces. And that's pretty much it. Whole Oreos that had been crushed up. Some were still big enough to see the two cookies with filling in the middle. 
The kids spread the cookies pieces on top as best they could and it went into the oven. It's a good thing all these recipes cook at 350F!

After baking, the brownies looked something like this. 

While they are adding frosting to the cupcakes with the Oreo Funfetti Frosting, I started on the very last thing. 

Pancakes are always better when they're hot off the stove. Opening the box, I was a little concerned about the lack of Oreo pieces in this pancake batter. 

All you have to add to the mix is water. Using my favorite stovetop flat pan, I made up a few pancakes.

Turns out that there are some Oreo pieces in here. Not a ton, but some. I guess it was coated with pancake mix so it was difficult to see. 

Now that all the baking is done, it's time to eat them all! Great job making everything guys!

Here's my plate with all 5 Oreo Funfetti items. Four of them are baked and one of them is frosting on top of the cupcakes. 

Alli has put together her own 4 item creation, and wanted me to get a picture of her. 

When Ian heard we were going to be picking our favorites, he ran off to find a paper and pencil. With a little help, he set up a grid and ranking system so we could figure out objectively what our favorites were.  

The Vanilla Oreo Funfetti cupcakes were tasty. Thumbs up from Ian.

The Chocolate Oreo Funfetti was good too.  

The Funfetti Brownie was delicious! I like my brownies to have a crunchy edge on it, and having the crunchy Oreos on top was also great. 
The pancakes... I don't know what the story was with those. They weren't over-cooked, weren't over-mixed, and they weren't very good. 
The girls had a place on their plate for all the things that "weren't worth the calories". 

Alright, time for everyone to pick their favorites. Everyone writes a 1, 2, 3, or 4, based on their first through fourth picks. The Oreo Frosting doesn't really get a ranking. 

Well there's certainly a clear loser. 

There's seven of us voting today. A low score means that we like it a lot. A high score means it wasn't very good. The best you can do is a 7 and the worst you can do is a 28. 

From best to worst:
1. Funfetti Brownies with Oreo cookie pieces - With a score of 10 points, this was the runaway favorite of all the adults, who all voted it number 1.
I think many of the adults might have had some bias going into this. Brownies in general are loved more than any cake. Unless the Oreos changed something about that drastically, they were always going to be the winner. 

2. Vanilla Funfetti Cake with Oreo cookie pieces - With a score of 13 points, this wasn't all that far behind. The kids both picked this as their favorite, and it came in second place with many of the adults. 
The kids both thought the cake was moist and had a good texture. 

3. Chocolate Funfetti Cake with Oreo cookie pieces -  Coming in at 20 points, the chocolate cupcake was good, but didn't turn out to be a favorite of anyone. 
It was chocolatey. I think with both of the cakes though, the Oreo bits were a little too small to make much of a difference. They didn't stay crunchy and just blended into the rest of the cake. 

4. Funfetti Pancakes with Oreo cookie pieces - Ouch. 27 points. Universally voted the worst thing, except from Alli who ranked it 3rd. 
Alli - It's kind-of good, but not really. 
It's actually a bit sad that they called these Oreo Pancakes. In general they taste like regular pancakes, unless you happen to come across one of those bits of Oreo. 

Polling the room, if you had your choice, would you pick any of these Oreo Funfetti items over a regular Funfetti item? No all around. I guess the regular Funfetti Sprinkles are much more "fun" than having bits of Oreo in them.  

Now, what are we going to do with those chocolate and vanilla cake slabs I baked up? A chocolate layer went down first and got coated with frosting. 

Then a vanilla layer and another chocolate layer! 

We're making an Oreo cake! 

That looks like an Oreo to me! 

The cake was great! And it was fun to have a Giant Oreo! 

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  1. Oops, gotta put it back...Ian "kept eating Dad's plate" :-) "Kind-of-good, but not really"...diplomatic way for Alli to say "not very good" :-) What an Oreo cake...looks like a giant Oreo in cake form! Very colorful backdrop Funfetti Oreo all that confetti raining down! That was a fun Funfetti Oreo taste test especially since it brought a lot of giggles & laughter from everyone...that's what makes it so fun! Great baking everyone. EOM