Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Key Lime Pie Kit Kats

Not long ago we had Key Lime Pie M&Ms. M&Ms are made by the Mars Corporation, but Hershey's must have gotten the memo too, because I just found Key Lime Pie Kit Kats.

And now that vaccinations are becoming more common, we're finally able to see people! The kids' cousin Aubrey is here visiting and she loves Key Lime Pie. This is will be perfect! 

I happened to have a couple slices of the Key Lime Pie we made available still, so we'll be comparing it to that. I like that the Kit Kats are a light green color. 

The kids are wearing their green shirts, and Aubrey randomly happened to have a Florida Keys shirt packed. How crazy is that? 
Starting with the key lime pie. The kids aren't big fans. 

Aubrey thought it was a little tart, but not bad. Let's try those Kit Kats. 

The inside is the regular wafers. The flavor is in the white chocolate on the outside. 

I pulled out the Key Lime M&Ms to taste along with the Kit Kats. 

Still very creamy. Between the two, I like the Kit Kats a lot better. Maybe it's because they have more of a contrast with the wafer layers. 

Overall, Aubrey appreciated the Key Lime themed taste test comparison. The kids aren't particularly keen on key lime. 

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  1. Ian's & Alli's green shirts plus Aubrey's Florida Keys t-shirt make for the perfect outfits during this taste test! At least the Key Lime Kit-Kat wasn't too bad...always liked that wafer with the chocolate covering over M&M's :-) EOM