Saturday, May 1, 2021

Saturday Morning Cereals - Star Wars Day - Mandalorian Cereal

Happy Star Wars Day! (at least coming up soon, May the Fourth be with you). What better time to try out our Star Wars cereal! 

But what is the name of this cereal? Star Wars? Mandalorian Cereal? Let's call it Star Wars Mandalorian Cereal. 

And look who is on the front! It's the adorable Child! We find out his name is Grogu later, but he'll always be The Child to me. In the background you can see Mando walking towards him. Ian, who has never seen The Mandalorian, was thinking a bad guy was coming to get Grogu, but I explain that Mando is actually the good guy. 

It's an interesting thing to create a cereal for. 

The back of the box doesn't have any games or anything. Instead, there's a full box size picture of The Child and Mando. I'm not sure what the point of the red Blurrg at the bottom is for, or why there is the number 11 on it. I initially thought there might be a few different boxes with different art to collect, but everything I can find online shows the same picture. 
The artwork itself is from a very limited run of 10 Topps Cards in 2020, but Grogu was card 09 in that series. Odd. 

Alright, let's take a look at the cereal. They look like Kix, but the box promises them to be fruit flavored. 

There's green marshmallows that go along with it too. These are freeze-dried marshmallows similar to the Lucky Charms style. 

Let's eat them! 

The kids checking the back of the box for a game or something. Just Grogu. 

Ian said he thought it would taste like Kix but with marshmallows. Alli is explaining how she thought it would taste like normal cereal, but it tastes limey. 
Theresa and I thought it was weird seeing this color cereal but having it tasty fruity. Theresa thought it was similar to a weak Trix fruit flavor. 
The kids liked it though! It was interesting, but not amazing. 


  1. "Interesting but not amazing" sums it up fairly well! Wonder what the number 11 means on the box. Nice Mando figure and The Child in the opening photo :-) Great looking pillowcase, that another Gram special?...she does beautiful Disney creations! Off the subject, is that a rainbow picture consisting of squares cut from different-colored construction paper?...the rich colors stand out really well and I like how the squares were used to create the rainbow. EOM

    1. I figured we could use some visitors for our intro photo. I think they worked out pretty well.
      That pillowcase is actually from my brother's mother-in-law. My brother's kids love Star Wars and have a set. When she learned that Ian liked it, she sent one along for him too!

    2. And yes, that is a rainbow made of construction paper. Alli's kindergarten teacher has lots of fun art projects for the kids.