Friday, May 21, 2021

Funfetti Ice Cream

And here I thought we'd finished tasting all the different Funfetti items available! We tasted 12 different Funfetti Items

Today we're tasting Funfetti Ice Cream!

While I was at my local Walmart walking down the ice cream aisle, this bright blue and colorful carton of ice cream was staring at me. Well you know we're going to be tasting that! 

We're in Colorado visiting family! 
To go along with our Funfetti Ice Cream we've got to make Funfetti Cake to go with it! The kids are always ready to help make stuff in the kitchen. Alli added the cake mix. 

And look who is here! It's cousin Avery! We're following Theresa's recipe instead of the box recipe, so Avery is added the vanilla pudding. 

Thanks for greasing our bundt pan Ian!

Avery - I love baking things with you Aunt Theresa. 

Getting a little help to add the water and oil. 

Alli is our expert egg cracker!

Everyone took a turn giving the batter a mix. 

And Theresa spread the batter into our greased and floured bundt pan. 

Just 45 minutes later, the house is smelling amazing and our cake is done! 

Absent our hand mixer, Theresa got to work mixing up some cream cheese frosting. 

She has a new favorite style of decorating bundt cakes now. Thick stripes to start, then thinner stripes in between. 

Patrick was ready with Funfetti Sprinkles to decorate the top. 

It's dinnertime! We've got Patrick's whole family over!

After a very tasty dinner consisting of Grammy's recipe chicken nuggets, homemade mac and cheese, and green beans, it was almost time for dessert. 
Avery - Aunt Theresa, you said after dinner we could have the cake. 
Someone is ready and certainly won't let us forget. 

The back of the ice cream container claiming that "Funfetti Will Tranform Any Day Into A Celebration. Bursting With Fun!"

This is a light ice cream with rainbow sprinkles and a cake crunch swirl. 

There's plenty of Funfetti Sprinkles inside the ice cream. 

And I have to say, they did a pretty good job of making the ice cream look like the front of the package too. 

It was interesting they had this warning on the back of the label. "Young children (less than 4 years) have limited chewing ability and could choke on small pieces."

Now that all the photos are done, we can finally eat! Good job being patient everyone!

Everyone got a little bit of ice cream and a slice of bundt cake. 

Thumbs up from Avery!

And Alli and Ian love it too. 

The adults loved the cake. The ice cream surprised me and everyone else a little bit. Somehow we all picked up a faint strawberry flavor to it, instead of a plain vanilla cake flavor. The sprinkles were indeed a little harder to chew because they were frozen, but they did have a good crunch to them. 

The cake was so good, Ian politely came back and asked for seconds. 

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  1. Very festive-looking Funfetti ice cream, and goes perfect with the Funfetti cake! When the 3 kids helped out in the different ingredients and then each getting to mix the cake, it suddenly reminded me of the Goofy Chef Demo activity Ian & Alli participated in at DCA! I've always liked that looping frosting design that Theresa used on the bundt cakes...adds a little "artistic touch" between the thick frosting lines. So sweet for Avery to tell Aunt Theresa how much she loves baking things with her! Looks like Theresa is sporting a "Mr. Cool Chewie" t-shirt...looks "cool" :-) EOM