Saturday, June 12, 2021

Saturday Morning Cereals - Dunkaroos Cereal

"How do you do your Dunkaroos?"

I have mine as a cereal with milk! 

Happy Saturday! Time for another cereal taste test! This time we're taking a jump back in time to the mid 90s when Dunkaroos cookies were all the rage. 

Sydney the kangaroo would tell us that "Dunkaroos are the cookie you dunk with as much chocolate or vanilla frosting as you want!"

In 1992, Betty Crocker brought Dunkaroos to the market. Now here in 2021, General Mills, the company behind Betty Crocker, is giving us a retro throwback in the form of a cookie cereal! And of course we're going to be trying them alongside real Dunkaroos. 

A retro commercial. 

Similar to Handi-Snacks, back then, each package of Dunkaroos gave you a portion of cookies, plus a little tub of frosting to dip it in. I remember having these in these 6 pack boxes, which I'm guessing were $2 or less for 6 packs. The cookies are shaped like little kangaroos.  

These days, the only way I can find Dunkaroos, now that they're making a comeback, are the individual single packs for $1.84. 

Understanding that it itself is a retro throwback, the back of the cereal box gives us a comparison from back in the 90s to now. 

The cereal has an insane amount of sprinkles on it. So many that I would almost think it's Funfetti cereal. The cookies in the packs have replaced the kangaroos with circular cookies with a D stamped into them. 

Ready for some cookie cereal guys? 

The vanilla frosting has these large confetti sprinkles in it. 

Ah, and we couldn't see it from the top, but the sprinkles are buried in the frosting for sure. 

What's the best part of everything? The cookies and frosting of course!

Thumbs up from Avery!

And if there's any leftover frosting, we use our fingers to get it out!
As for the cereal, both the kids and adults thought it was really tasty. Theresa said "finally a weird cereal that is actually good!". 

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  1. What a festive-looking cereal (a funfetti wannabe!) I assume the cereal was "just okay", since the DunkAroos cookie w/ the sprinkle-filled frosting garnered a very enthusiastic response by all the kids :-) Avery shows us how to get that trapped frosting from those tough container corners! Didn't grow up with DunkAroos...this is the first time seeing it! (I think the chocolate frosting one would have been really good, too). EOM