Thursday, April 4, 2024

A busy day at Typhoon Lagoon and Chick-fil-A Bingo - 2024/04/02

As we were looking at the weather forecast, Tuesday was turning out to be a beautiful day in Orlando! We all decided to head to Typhoon Lagoon Water Park! 

Oh yeah... it's still Spring Break for some. When we arrived, the parking lot was slammed! We've been spoiled all our previous visit during the middle of the week. Walk-on rides and short lines for everything else. We're parking in the overflow parking area on grass! 

I asked to park on the end, but they said they just wouldn't park anyone behind me. These aisles are not very wide and it takes a bit of room for The Beast to back out. Good thing we stuck around and put on sunblock because as the next row came in, they were about to put someone there! We stuck around a little longer so when they parked the row behind that, no one pulled straight through. Whew! Gotta plan ahead with a big truck. 

The inside of the park was just as busy as the parking lot. Inside of rides, we braved the lazy river. It was much busier than usual and not easy to find a float. We also decided we like the lazy river at Blizzard Beach better since you can choose whether or not you want to get sprayed by the various features along the path. At Typhoon Lagoon, there's no avoiding them. 
We lucked into some open chairs to eat our lunch of chili dogs. Mmm, some toasted coconut yogurt plush fresh pineapple. Good combo Alli. 
After lunch we played in the wave pool before ultimately deciding to head home. 

Because at home we've got a special treat! We've got a new kitchen gadget that we are loving (that will appear in another post), but it makes ice cream! Theresa bought the official Dole Whip mix and we can make our own Dole Whip! 

And Theresa and I agree, it tastes even better than the one at the parks! It's well frozen (not soupy like a busy Disney soft serve machine) and you can add delicious toppings! Like toasted coconut! Best of all, no "void of disappointment"! 

Time for dinner and we've got some fun plans! Our local Chick-fil-A is always doing something fun, and tonight there's Bingo!

Any time we visit, I like to take pictures for the Community TV. It's a fun feature. There's pictures cycling on it all the time and I still see pictures we took from 2022 in the rotation! 

Do you have some good Bingo cards for us Alli? All winners? 

A look at the table full of prizes. I have my eye on something, but we'll see if I can win tonight. 

After we finished our meal but before Bingo started, their marketing director asked if the kids could pose for a few social media photos. Alli is posing with a CFA kids meal, for their upcoming Buy an Adult Meal get a Kids Meal free promotion. For her help, she got a card for a free Kids Meal later! 

And Ian is posing with a warm chocolate chip cookie! He got to keep the cookie and got a card for a free Kids Meal! Sweet! 

Our Bingo caller Michael did a good job. 

Ooh, Alli is colorful tonight! I like the pattern. 

For the first time ever, Theresa won! Congratulations! 

Between getting some of the Chick-fil-A merchandise or free food, she picked free food. 

Still no winners on that side of the table. 

Oh, but we've come very close. Just one number away!
Despite the losses, we'd cheer big for whoever happened to win. It's more fun when it's loud. 

Not a winner, but nice smiley face. 

We're down to the last game. 3 winners on this one, so don't clear your boards. 
1st Bingo, not us. 
2nd Bingo, still not us. 
N33... BINGO!!! I got it! The last one of the night! I can get the prize I had my eye on! Who needs free food when you can look so dashing in this Chick-fil-A tie! I thought it was a clip-on.  

Flipping it over, the tag told me something different. 

Which Theresa cracked up at. 
It's been a fun day! 

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  1. I gave a big laugh, too, when I read "Dog Necktie" :- ) :-) !!...nice going to all the winners...Theresa gave us a spirited, winner's hurrah (that's the spirit!) CFA's Bingo Nights are such a fun time for all the participants. Spring break definitely brings out the big crowds, especially to the water parks if the weather is sunny and warm...what a makeshift grass parking lot (didn't expect that). Making your own ice cream treats...can now enjoy refreshing treats at any time, especially those dole whips (mmmmm...toasted coconut is a delicious you said, "no disappointment voids" ever again!!) EOM