Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Daddy-Daughter Day Pt 2 - 2024/02/22

Part 2 of our Daddy-Daughter day, where Alli and I hang out together for the whole day! 

It's 3pm and we've been so busy we haven't had anything for lunch yet! Stopping by the Wild Florida Grill, we grabbed some chicken tenders and fries to go. 

To go where? The Wild Florida Safari drive right next door! Alli hopped into the front seat to join me as we look for animals. 

That's a fluffy cow, isn't it. 

Nice photo Alli. 

A couple wild turkeys. 

There's a couple rules about driving through the safari. Don't feed the animals of course. 5mph speed limit. But the main one is... DON'T GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE! 


These wildebeests looking on at the stranger outside his van. 

Looks comfy. 

More animals close up. 

We did have a few big birds checking us out to see if we were careless enough to leave our windows down and have food accessible. 

Getting a good view out the sunroof. 

Gotta pay attention to the little ones. The truck has a big hood to try to see over. Little critters can sneak up on you and get under you. 

Alli - I see a turtle! 

Hmm. I don't think so Alli. On closer inspection I think that's a turd-le. 

Alli wants to take photos of all the babies. 

After completing our 45 minute drive around the safari, it's time to feed a giraffe! For $5 we get 3 pieces of lettuce. 

A couple days ago, Ian got to feed Leroy. Today Walter is coming over to say hi. 

The lettuce goes fast! 

The person behind us wanted to get a good picture of Walter, and suggested Alli offer a piece of lettuce to his so she could get a good shot. Thank you! 

It's been a fun day so far, but there's even more on the list! 

Chipotle kids meals were next up. We each got something with different toppings, then combined them to make nachos! 

Then Alli wanted to do coffee. 

Name for the order? Alli, of course. 

We sipped on our coffee while we spent an hour doing hidden object puzzles. 
With so much traffic to get home, we just relaxed and enjoyed the time together. Next we went to Walmart to find some treats for an upcoming taste test. More to come on that later. 

Getting back to the Clermont area, it's 8:30pm. We're going to dinner, but the place we're going for dessert is closing sooner. Dessert first! 

And while we waited there, we saw our friend Alex from Chick-fil-A and the CFA Bingo nights! 

What was dessert? Dole Whip! 

Oh boy. This $7 Large Dole Whip, plus $2 tip, has one of the worst "void of disappointments" I've seen. 

Dinner time! Whopper Juniors, just the way she likes them. 

And more puzzles while we eat. 

It's getting late, but the last thing on her list was "make/bake" something. Probably not enough time to bake something, but we can definitely make something yummy. 

Homemade caramel dipping sauce!

To go with our fresh strawberries and apple slices! Yum! 
It's been a fun day hanging out together Alli, just you and me! We'll have to do it again soon! 

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  1. What a wonderful second half of the "Daddy-Daughter Day"!! Soooooooo many different animals at the Wild Florida Safari...especially liked that first wide-view photo of the watering hole w/ the bison (?) or cows (?) (nicely captured the grass, trees, and sky along w/ the water & animals)...seeing camels is such a rare sight...Alli's "turtle" was a "new" finding :-)...feeding a giraffe is such a highlight since one gets so very close to it (so tempting to pet but can't!) What a small world to bump into Alex at the dessert place. Alli showed a great "void of disappointment" expression...priceless :-) Such a fun, memorable day for Alli & Daddy! EOM