Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Friends and Family visiting Florida!

It's always fun when we get visitors coming to Florida! 

Disney World is a top vacation spot for many, so when our friends come to that, we get to see them too! 

It's going to be a busy day! We got up early to head to the Magic Kingdom! 

Where my cousin Sharon and her whole family were spending the day! 

Love the photopass photographers who see a good shot and take photos off the cuff. 

Should have brought some card games! It's a busy day in the park with all the spring break people. 

As soon as we left them, we caught up with another friend. Mary Kate and her family are visiting from Ohio! And Jacob is here too! 

The kids doing stretches and gymnastics in the photo area near the castle. 

Love wide open spaces on busy days like today. 

Mary Kate offered to take us back to see the hotel amenities at the Contemporary Resort. Perfect! Hopefully it'll be less crowded! And we don't even need to take the monorail. We can just walk! 

They have games like bocce. 

And mini golf. 

And even a kids activity room. We did some coloring and even painted ceramics. 

Good to see everyone!

See you again next time! 

Time for another bike ride! It's been 2 weeks since we've seen Henry and his little pig. Wow, she's gotten a lot bigger! 

Sven however is always the same. 

All that growing must be making her itchy, because she would scratch and rub on anything she could find. 

Oh yeah, she's so much bigger than before! 

We have another special treat today! Henry's geese have started laying eggs! 

He gave us a couple to take home and try! 

Thank you Henry! 

Time to feed again. She loves her formula. 
We asked if she had a name yet. Henry thinks her name will be Joy. 

In Henry's nearby pond, we've got another new friend. 

Just a little guy for now. We'll have to keep an eye out for him if he doesn't move on. 

And Joy certainly has no fear at this point. Just hopping right in the water to cool down. 

Our bike ride back to the truck was fun. We saw a rattlesnake sunning itself, which I didn't stop to take a picture of, and a baby gator on the path! 

And below the bridge, a big mama gator. 

It's St. Patrick's day, so we were all wearing clover stickers. There's a Pokemon Go event going on, so we met up with friends at the RV resort to go around raiding. 

And St. Patrick's Day means leprechaun traps. 

A simple catch trap. 

With clover gold underneath. 

And a tissue box trap with gold sitting on top. 

In the morning, the traps were sprung. 

No leprechauns here, but they did get a note to try harder next year. 

Here's another visitor! Rita is here from Michigan for Spring Break! After watching the kids gymnastics, we went to our favorite BBQ place nearby, 4 Rivers. 

And the next day, went to see Kung Fu Panda 4 together. The best part was... the popcorn. 

If only they had dumplings. 

Gotta get some Bahama Bucks Shaved Ice since we're in the area. 

Donald and Amy decided to fly down just for the weekend and stopped by too. Best place to eat? How about 4 Rivers BBQ again? 

Afterwards, we went walking in downtown Winter Garden and found a tasty Parisian bakery. My peach tart was excellent. 


All the siblings. 

It's been fun to see everyone! 

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  1. Being so close to WDW resort definitely opens the door to seeing more friends & family deciding to vacation down there! many fun things to do at and near WDW (doesn't hurt that the weather is usually on the warmer side, too). That was a really nice siblings photo (good pose & smiles :-)...enjoyed lots of good food and time catching up. Good to see Henry doing well...that "piglet" isn't so small anymore (and still unfamiliar with what gators can do!...funny watching the piglet scratch itself against that plastic tub :-) )...did the goose egg taste any different from a chicken egg, or was it just a bigger version of it? Ahhhh...leprechaun traps...kept up that tradition...another great opportunity for Alli & Ian to get creative. EOM